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It is alot less popular in the ways that there are more soccer players and there is more soccer fans than cricket also.

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Q: Is cricket is better then soccer?
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Is soccer more popular than Cricket?

Jesse: cricket is way better because i play for the juinor Australian teamJess: soccer is way better then cricket becauses i play soccer for VictoriaIt doesn't matter who you play for dummies!! Answer the question at least, you ignorant people. Cricket is only famous in like Asia, England, and some African countries. Whereas, soccer is played almost everywhere in the world. So that's why soccer gets more popularity than cricket.

What is the difference between cricket and soccer?

Cricket uses a bat and hardly no feet, whereas soccer is all about feet (and chest at times, also head). The soccer field is significantly larger than any cricket field, due to the requirements to play soccer.

Which sport is better soccer or cricket?

Depends on what you mean by better, though I like both sports the same. From F.S. (a.k.a GAS STATION OWNER)

Who played soccer and cricket for Ireland?

Roy keane played soccer

What sports were around early 1800s?

There was baseball, cricket, soccer, and probably some others There was baseball, cricket, soccer, and probably some others

What they have in common soccer and cricket?

A ball

Which sport is most popular cricket or socer?

Some say soccer is most popular, some say cricket is more popular. But soccer is more popular in terms of fans. Soccer is played in more than half of the total countries in the world. Cricket is very popular in the countries in which it is played. International Cricket is played by about 20 countries.

How big is the game cricket across the world?

No cricket is not a world wide game, it is soccer. But cricket is played mainly in the commonwealth .

What are the popular sports and pastimes of India?

Cricket is the number 1 team and spectator sport. Soccer is number 2. Cricket overtook soccer in the late 80s after India won the Cricket World Cup.

What types of sports are played in Egypt?

They play soccer, polo, and cricket, but mostly soccer.

What is better golf or cricket?

golf is better than cricket

Where is soccer played?

on the cricket pitch, der!

What is the nationnalsport in England?

Football (soccer) and cricket.

What sport started in England?

soccer and cricket

What was entertainment in 1500?

Soccer & Cricket

Is cricket older than soccer?

Yes it is

Cricket most watched sport?

Cricket is the most watched sport in Australia but in the world its soccer

What is most broadcasted on tv soccer or cricket?

Soccer is by far the most televised event on the planet.

Is better rugby or cricket?


What is better cricket or tennis?


What sports did Roald Dahl excel in?

Roald Dahl excelled in football, soccer, and cricket. He was good at any sport he wanted to play and was captain of both the cricket and soccer teams at school.

What sports only have 2 syllables?

Soccer Football Baseball Hockey Fencing Bowling Cricket Curling Racing

What is the better sport soccer rugby or cricket?

They are all subject to peoples persoan preferences. Some people actually play all these sports or watch them in equal measure.

What sports do the people of England play?

soccer and cricket

What is the most popular sport in Asia?

cricket and soccer.