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Olympic alternates don't get medals in team events, unless at some point in time they participate in the event to any extent. The alternates aren't alone however, coaches don't get medals either

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no--only dressed athletes

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they didn't compete

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Q: Do alternates get medals in Olympic gymnastics?
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How many gymnastics Olympic medals have Germany won?

Germany have won no medals

How many olympic gold medals have the UK gymnastics team won in 2012?

As of today, August 8th, the UK gymnastics team has not won any olympic gold medals.

Do they still award medals in Olympic gymnastics for individual apparatus?


How many medals up for grabs for gymnastics in london olympic 2012?

Gymnastics has 3 disciplines with 18 events and 54 Medals. They are Artistic gymnastics (14) , Rhythmic gymnastics (2), & Trampoline (2)

Which countries have won the most overall Olympic medals for gymnastics?


Who won olympic gold medals for the United States in gymnastics?

Which year?

Do alternates get medals in the Olympics?

No. The single alternate left on the Men's Gymnastics team did not receive a medal when his team took the bronze

Who has won the most individual olympic medals in women's gymnastics?

larissa latynina

Do men do gymnastics?

Yes men do gymnastics and many medals were won by them at the London and other Olympic Games.

Which team has won the most olympic gold medals in the women's gymnastic competitions?

Team medals for women's gymnastics have been given out since the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. To date, the Soviet Union has won the most Olympic gold medals in this category.

Which country won the most Olympic gymnastics medals in 2012?

The most successful nation was China, winning five gold medals and 12 in total.

How many olympic gold medals for gymnastics did Britain win in the 20th century?

i dont no can some one find it out.