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Every NFL team has won a game.

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Q: What NFL team has never won a game?
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Which NFL teams have not won a playoff game?

As of the 2008 season, the only NFL team that has never won a playoff game is the Houston Texans.

What NFL team has not won a game?

Every NFL team has won a game.

What NFL team has never won a road play off game?

the 49ers

What NFL team never won a NFL championship?


Which NFL teams has Tom Brady never won a game against?

Tom Brady has best every team but the New England Patriots.

What NFL team has never won a superbowel?

Arizona Cardinals

What NFL team has not won a game in 2008?

no one lost a game in 2008

What team won the first NFL game?

philadelphia eagles

What nfl team won most game in the 1990s?


Has every NFL team won a super bowl?

No. The Eagles, Lions and a few other teams have never won.

What nfl team has never won super bowl?

Detroit lions

Who has a good nfl team but never won a championship?

Philadelphia Eagles

Who played the first game between an AFL team and an NFL?

The Denver Broncos played in the first ever AFL-NFL game, and won.

What NFL teams never won a playoff game?

Houston Texans

Has a NFL team ever won a game not converting a third down?


Which is the most successful NFL team never to have won a Super Bowl?

Detroit Lions

What NFL team have never won a super bowl?

I think it's the Minnesota vikings

When Has any team won an NFL game with 6 turnovers?

The Eagles did it last week!

Which NFL team has made it to the Super Bowl four years in a row but has never won?


What is the most touchdowns by team in single game?

In the NFL, 11 by the Chicago Bears in the 1940 NFL Championship Game against the Washington Redskins. The Bears won the game 73-0.

What is the Denver Broncos winning percentage?

0 and 337. They have never won a game in the NFL.

What top rated NFL quarterbacks have never won a playoff game?

Aaron Rodgers

Has any NFL team beat another NFL team twice in the regular season and then meet them again in the postseason and beat them a third time?

yes it has happened 19 times in total 12 times the team that won twice won the third game. Only 7 times did the team that had won twice lose the third time.

What team has never won a Monday Night Football game?


What team in NBA has never won a playoff game?

timber wolves