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As of the 2008 season, that would be Rod Woodson with 13 regular season TDs (12 INT returns for TDs and 1 fumble return for a TD). If you add in the playoffs the leader would be Aeneas Williams with 14 total TDs (11 INT returns for TDs (9 regular season and 2 playoff) and 3 fumble returns for TDs).

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Q: What NFL player has scored the most defensive touchdowns in a career?
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What player scored seven touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

No one has scored seven touchdowns in a single Super Bowl game.Each of these players scored three touchdowns in a single game.Roger CraigJerry RiceRicky WattersTerrell DavisJerry Rice scored eight Super Bowl touchdowns in his career.

How many touchdowns has reggie Wayne scored?

Reggie Wayne has scored a total of 9825 touchdowns in his career and counting!

Who scored 123 TouchDowns rushing in their illustrious career?

Marcus Allen

How many touchdowns has Tim Tebow scored in his collegiate career?

Tim Tebow threw for 88 passing touchdowns and rushed for 57 touchdowns, to give him a total of 145 total touchdowns in his collegiate career.

What nfl player scored the most touchdowns in a single season?

The player with the most touchdowns in NFL history is LaDainean Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers. He scored 31 TD's in one season. He actually scored 32 touchdowns!!

Most touchdown scored in NFL?

Jerry Rice with 208 career touchdowns

How many touchdowns did Jerome Bettis score in his NFL career?

Jerome Bettis scored 94 touchdowns during his 13 year NFL career. He had 91 rushing touchdowns and 3 receiving.

OJ Simpson career touchdowns?

In OJ's NFL career, he scored 76 touchdowns. 61 rushing, 14 pass receiving, and 1 kickoff return.

How many touchdowns did Jerry rice score?

Jerry Rice scored 208 touchdowns during his college/pro career.

How many touchdowns has Ray Lewis scored in his career?

2, both on interception returns.

Who has the NFL record for the most touchdowns for a career in the postseason?

Juan Maldonado he scored 400000

What receiver has had the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice, who is the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns scored with 208, had 197 career receiving TDs.

What NFL player scored the most touchdowns in 1998?

Terrell Davis

Which player scored the most touchdowns in 1980?

In the NFL, running back Billy Sims of the Detroit Lions scored the most touchdowns in the 1980 season with 16.

How many touchdowns did the New England Patriots have for the 2010 season?

They scored a total of 64 touchdowns: 5 defensive, 3 special teams, 19 rushing, and 37 passing

What nfl player scored the most touchdowns in a single game?

Gale sayers

What player scored 7 touchdowns in 3 Super Bowls?

Jerry rice

Which Green Bay Packer player scored the most touchdowns?

Donald driver

What wide receiver scored the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for career touchdowns by a wide receiver with 208. He caught 197 TD passes, scored 10 TDs on rushing plays, and scored 1 TD on a fumble return.

Where are touchdowns scored?

In the endzone.

Who has the most touchdowns in Dallas Cowboys history?

Emmitt Smith scored 164 TDs during his career with the Cowboys.

Who has the most rushing touchdowns in the Super Bowl?

Career Record: Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. He has five rushing touchdowns scored over three games. Single Game Record: Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos scored three rushing touchdowns in a single game.

Who is the player who scored the most touchdowns in a game?

uncle pj the man in the blue jammies

Who scored the most touchdowns in one game by a NFL player?

Gale Sayers with 6

Which football player has scored the most goals in the history of the game?

Because the question has a lot of holes, most field goals or touchdowns. Now because you used said "player scored the most" we will start with field goals. Morton Anderson has field goals in his career with 5 teams (6 but was with Atlanta twice). Now to most TD's - Jerry Rice leads with 208 career touchdowns playing with 3 teams. http:/