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Antonio Langham

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Q: What Alabama defensive back holds the record for most career interceptions?
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Who holds the record for the most interceptions in the NFL?

The quarterback who has thrown the most interceptions is Brett Favre, who through the 2010 season has thrown 336 career interceptions. The record for most interceptions by a defensive player in a career is held by Paul Krause, who intercepted 81 career passes.

Who holds the Pittsburgh Steelers record for career interceptions?

Defensive back Mel Blount (1970-1983) is the Steelers' all-time leader with 57 interceptions.

What NFL quarterback has a record for career interceptions?

Through the 2009 season, that is Brett Favre with 317 career interceptions.

Who holds the NFL record for career interceptions and how many is it?

Paul Krause who played for the Minnesota Vikings. He had 81 interceptions for his career.

Who holds record for least interceptions thrown in their NFL career?

tom Brady

Who holds the career NFL record for the most defensive TD?

Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson holds the career NFL record for the most defensive touchdowns. Charles Woodson has 13 defensive touchdowns.

Who holds the interception record for the NFL?

The career interception record is held by Paul Krause with 81 interceptions. The single-season record is held by Dick "Night Train" Lane with 14 interceptions. The most interceptions caught in a game is 4 by 20 players.

Who holds the record for the most career interceptions thrown in playoff games?

Bret favre

Which defensive back holds the record for most interceptions in a game?

Jim Hardy-8... He played for the Chicago Cardinals and this record was broken in 1950

Which linebaker in the NFL has the most interceptions?

Baltimore LB Don Shinnick holds the record all-time record for linebackers with 37 career interceptions. Shinnick played from 1957-1969. Amongst active players, Ray Lewis leads the league with 29 career interceptions. Source: Playerfilter

Who has the most interceptions thrown by a Pittsburgh Steeler?

Career interceptions thrown, is Terry Bradshaw with 210. The single season Steelers record is Jim Finks in 1955 with 26 interceptions thrown.

Who holds the Brown University career interception record?

The Brown University record for career interceptions is 14 and is held jointly by Greg Parker and Joe Paterno.

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