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Q: What NBA team is pat riley coaching now?
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What nba team is pat riley coaching?

Pat Riley isn't a coach at the moment. As of right now he is in the front office of the Miami Heat. Although it is rumored that he will return to coaching very soon

What is the best team in the NBA right now?

Cleveland Cavaliers Not at all... with the current leading record in the nba the Lakers are by far the most dominant team in the NBA right now.

What team is Marty Shottenheimer coaching now?

Marty Schottenheimer did not coach an NFL team in the 2007 season.

Which is the weakest team in the NBA?

The weakest team in the NBA is Sacramento Kings because they are the worst basketball club in NBA right now and they have the worst lineup.

Who is the ex all black who is now coaching the Japanese rugby team?

John Kirwan

Whose the worst NBA team?

Right now it is the Nets

When has Cincinnati ever had an NBA or NHL team?

Cincinnati Royals NBA now known as Sacramento Kings

What is Gary Carter doing now?

Um I think that he is actually Coaching a baceball team right now but I am no axactly shere of what team,I just read about it and can't find what team it what again -ashley

What NFL team is Bill Parcells coaching for the 2009 season?

Bill Parcells is out of coaching, at least for now. He's currently the head of football operations for the Miami Dolphins.

What NBA team does Rudy Gay play for now?

The Memphis Grizzlies

Which NBA team does vince carter play for now?

The Dallas Mavericks

Where is Jim Davis former Clemson coach coaching now?

He is the Assistant Coach for the Minnesota Lynx, a WNBA team.

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