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Bill Parcells is out of coaching, at least for now. He's currently the head of football operations for the Miami Dolphins.

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Q: What NFL team is Bill Parcells coaching for the 2009 season?
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What sport is Bill Parcells famous for coaching?

Bill Parcells was an NFL head coach (American football).

Where is bill parcells coaching?

He's not. Parcells is currently the Executive VP of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins.

Did Bill Parcells ever coach the New England Patriots?

Yes, from 1993-1996. Parcells was the coach of the Patriots when they made it to Super Bowl XXXI, losing to the Green Bay Packers 35-21. Parcells left the Patriots after that Super Bowl and wound up coaching the New York Jets the following season. Parcells four year coaching record with the Patriots was 32-32.

What is the birth name of Bill Parcells?

Bill Parcells's birth name is Duane Charles Parcells.

Were did bill parcells coach in college?

Bill had many assistant coaching jobs in college football... Hastings College in Nebraska, Wichita State (where he played linebacker in his college career), Army, Florida State, Vanderbilt and Texas Tech. In 1978 Bill Parcells got his first and only college head-coaching job with Air Force.

Who was the coach of the Dallas Cowboys during the 2004 season?


Was drew bledsoe in NE before bill parcells?

Technically, no, but they both debuted with the team in 1993, following the 1992 NFL Regular Season: In January '93, Bill Parcells was hired as coach of the New England Patriots. In April '93, Bill Parcells selected Drew Bledsoe in the NFL Draft. In September '93, Bill Parcells coached his first regular season game with the Patriots, while Drew Bledsoe started his first regular season game with the Patriots (and in the NFL).

What is Bill Parcells's birthday?

Bill Parcells was born on August 22, 1941.

When was Bill Parcells born?

Bill Parcells was born on August 22, 1941.

What nicknames does Bill Parcells go by?

Bill Parcells goes by The Big Tuna.

Were Wade Phillips and Bill Parcells on the Cowboys' staff at the same time?

No. When Dallas head coach Bill Parcells decided to leave the Cowboys after the 2006 season, he was replaced by Wade Phillips, who had been the defensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers.

How old is Bill Parcells?

NFL coach Bill Parcells is 75 years old (birthdate: August 22, 1941).

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