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Lenny Wilkens - 1120

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Q: What NBA coach has won more career games than any other coach?
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What is a career coach and how can they help with career picking?

A career coach is more or less a counselor who will try and guide you into a new line of work. They will help get you on the path to a new job. They can point you in the direction of the education you need, for example.

Who has won more games coach k or dean smith?

Dean Smith

Who is the winningest black coach in college football history?

Eddie Robinson of Grambling State sent more than 200 players to the NFL and won 408 games during a 57-year career.

Why didn't Lombardi coach more than one year?

Vince Lombardi had a fairly long career both as an assistant & later head coach in the NFL. His overall record including playoff games was 105-35-6. Assistant Coach - New York Giants 1954-1958 Head Coach - Green Bay Packers 1959-1967 General Manager - Green Bay Packers 1968 Head Coach - Washington Redskins 1969

Why are coach bags a lot more expensive than other bags?

Coach bags are more expensive than other bags because of the Coach label or design. It has become a popular bag for celebrities, which increases the demand for the bag and further increases the price.

How many hours does a college basketball coach work?

It varies from coach to coach. With practice, games, and recruiting, they work many hours and probably more than 60 hours per week.

Which cost more gucci or coach?

Coach cost more.

Which college football coach has the most career losses?

Amos Alonzo Stagg had 190 losses. That's the most I can find at the moment. I don't believe any college football coach has more than that.

What was Troy Aikman's career record?

Aikman was 94-71 during his career with the Dallas Cowboys (1989-2000). He won more games -- 90 -- during the 1990s than any other NFL quarterback.

A basketball coach won 132 games He won 79 more games than he lostAbout how many games did he lose?

53 (132 - 79 = 53)

Which mens college basketball coach has won more tournament games than anyone?

bobby knight

How do you play more in basketball games when your the best on the team but your coach only plays favorites?

become his favourite :)

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