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Q: What LA Laker played basketball in the 1996 Summer Olympics?
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Who does 'Magic Johnson' play basketball for?

he played for the Los Angeles Laker (LAK)

Is Laker's is an college sport team?

Are the lakers a professional basketball team

Who was the best la laker to ever play basketball?

Vlade Divac, no question.

Who is the best player on the los angla laker team for basketball this year?

Kobe Bryant

What is pau gasols history in life?

He played basketball for FC Barcelona fomr 1999-2001. he played for the grizzlies from 2001-2008. In 2001, he was the rockie of the year. The h played for the laker 2008-present and wonhis first championship.

How much is a basketball signed by 1981-1982 los angeles laker's team worth?


Is Justin Bieber on lakes team in basketball?

If you mean hes a laker fan than yes, yes he is a laker fan-considering he brought Sel to a laker game, where they were caught on the Kiss Cam. But if you are asking if he actually plays basketball on the lakers' team, then no. I hope I answered your question!! Sry if it wasnt a good answer! I dont know a lot on JB!! =D =D

What movie and television projects has Michelle Boehle been in?

Michelle Boehle has: Played Laker Girl in "MADtv" in 1995. Played Felons Cheerleader in "BASEketball" in 1998. Played Laker Girl in "Bowfinger" in 1999. Played Laker Girl in "Bette" in 2000. Played Heavenly Dancer in "Thank Heaven" in 2001. Played St. Francis Cheerleader in "Coach Carter" in 2005.

Is Kobe Bryant the best laker that has ever lived?

It is simply a matter of opinion to say that Kobe Bryant is the best Laker that has ever lived. Kobe does play a great game of basketball and should definitely be considered for this honorable mention.

What is the job of the Laker Girls?

Laker Girls are female cheerleader squad that supports basketball team Los Angeles Lakers at their home games. If one is interested in being part of this squad, it would be recommended to visit their official website.

What is the song played at Laker games at breaks?

benny and the jets by elton john

Who played point guard and center in laker playoffs?

Ervin "Magic" Johnson