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Cal Hubbard scored two touchdowns (1930, 1935) but they were while playing defense. The same applied to Mike Michalske's two touchdowns (1931, 1932).

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Q: What Green Bay Packer offensive lineman scored 2 touchdowns?
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What offensive lineman has scored the most touchdowns in NFL history?

William "The fridge" Perry.

Which Green Bay Packer player scored the most touchdowns?

Donald driver

Was there ever a Super Bowl where no offensive touchdowns were scored?


Which packer player holds the record for the most points scored in any packer game?

Paul Hornung. Hornung scored 33 points in a game against the Baltimore Colts on October 8, 1961. He scored 4 touchdowns and kicked 6 extra points and 1 field goal in the Packers 45-7 victory.

Where are touchdowns scored?

In the endzone.

What player scored seven touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

No one has scored seven touchdowns in a single Super Bowl game.Each of these players scored three touchdowns in a single game.Roger CraigJerry RiceRicky WattersTerrell DavisJerry Rice scored eight Super Bowl touchdowns in his career.

Has an offensive lineman ever scored a touchdown in the NFL?

Yes. As a general rule, players with a uniform number of 50-79 or 90-99 are not permitted to catch the ball. However, there are scenarios where it is eligible. The main occurrence requires the lineman to declare their intention to catch the ball to the referee, who then makes a stadium wide announcement. Additionally, an offensive lineman can take possession of a fumble and score a touchdown, under certain circumstances.Notable examples:Monday Night Miracle: As part of the Jets comeback, offensive tackle Jumbo Elliot caught a 3-yard, game-tying touchdown pass.Offensive tackle Anthony Munoz caught 7 passes, 4 of which were touchdowns during his career.Offensive Guard Mitch Frerotte scored 3 touchdowns times in one season with the Buffalo BIlls

How many touchdowns have the giants scored?

The Giants have scored 15 touchdowns in the 2008-09 season as of week 6.

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How many touchdowns was scored by the falcons last year?

A total of 43 touchdowns were scored by the Atlana Falcons last year.

How many touchdowns have been scored by ou?

153 touchdowns in 2008-2009

Most touchdowns scored in a game?

The most touchdowns scored in a game was 26. It was by Marshall Faulk, in 2000, with zero fumbles in a season.

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