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There are numerous tournaments that happen annually. Perhaps the most recognized tournament is the UEFA Champions League. It is a tournament with the top clubs from the top leagues of the United European Futbol Association. The tournament takes anywhere from 1-4 teams from the respective leagues depending on the ranking system for how difficult the leagues are. For example EPL (England), Serie A (Italy) and Primera (Spanish) contribute typically 3-4 teams from their leagues to compete in this tournament. In conjunction with the Champions League, the UEFA Cup is played which features typically the next level of teams from each respective league of their countries. It is a lesser tournament as far as quality goes, but still features some top-flight clubs. Different federations have their respective Champions Leagues and the winner of these tournaments face off every year in the Super Cup which is played in Japan and features the winners from the 6 major Federations Champions League playing for the title of the "World's Best Club".

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Q: What Football tournaments happen annually?
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