Has Notts County Football Club won any tournaments?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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There is no information about whether or not the Notts County football club has won any tournaments. The ladies football team, however, has won several championships.

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Q: Has Notts County Football Club won any tournaments?
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Are notts county oldes football club?

no there not its forest

Where is the Notts County FC based?

The football club called Notts County FC is based in Nottingham in England, in the United Kingdom. The football club is also known as County and The Magpie.

What is the oldest club in the English national football league?

Notts County

When were Notts County FC founded?

Notts County were formed on November 25, 1862 - making them the oldest professional football club in the world.

Where can one learn about Notts County?

Notts County is a name for the professional football club in Nottingham, England. One could learn about the location or the club by visiting, joining, or watching a match.

Which football club has won their countries top league the most times?

sibunited. (: notts county

Which football club in England is commonly referred to as the magpies?

There are two clubs with that nickname: Newcastle Utd and Notts County.

For what clubs did Bob Chapman play?

Bob Chapman, born on 18th of August, 1946, was commonly known as Sammy Chapman. He Played cricket for many clubs including, Nottingham Forest Football Club, Notts County Football Club and Burton Albion Football Club.

What was Portsmouth's biggest premiership defeat?

They haven't and judging at the moment they never will.

What is the oldest football club in the country?

It's not sheffield united as that is younger than sheffield Wednesday which is 1867, it is sheffiled FC a non-league club. The oldest professional club still in existence is notts county f.c Used to be called Nottingham f.c

What team has a goat mascot?

Derby County football club Derby County football club

When was County Carlow Football Club created?

County Carlow Football Club was created in 1873.