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arsenal had an unbeaten run of 49 games May 7, 2003 - October 24, 2004

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Q: What English football team has the longest unbeaten record in the league?
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Which soccer club has the longest unbeaten run?

It is unknown which team has the longest unbeaten run in all competitions. Arsenal have the longest English league run with 49 games unbeaten, which included the entire 2003/04 Barclay's Premier League season unbeaten. Chelsea have the longest unbeaten home run in the league with 86 games. Liverpool have the longest unbeaten home run in all competitions with 85 games. The longest unbeaten League run in English Senior Football is held by AFC Wimbledon who went 78 games unbeaten from 22 Feb 2003 to 4 Dec 2004. This included a complete league season undefeated. Steaua Bucharest went 104 matches unbeaten between 1986 and 1989

What football team has the longest unbeaten home league run in the world?

Real Madrid 121 games

Which soccer team has the longest unbeaten run?

AFC Wimbledon of the English league went a total of 78 games unbeaten including 1 season winning all the games.

What is arsenal's longest undefeated streak?

Arsenal FC's longest streak was when they won the 2003-2004 English Premier League Season with an unbeaten record (38 games).

Which soccer club has the longest unbeaten run at home in their league in Europe?


What team has the longest unbeaten run in the premier league?

Arsenal went 49 games unbeaten over 3 seasons, between 2003 & 2004.

Which English football league club has the longest name?

It is the Carling cup.

How many English football league teams not lost a game all season?

There are only two teams in English Football league system to have gone an entire season unbeaten. Preston North End F.C won the inaugural season of Football League in 1888-89 season without losing a single game. Arsenal F.C is the only team in English Premier League to have gone an entire season unbeaten in 2003-04 season. Both teams earned nickname 'The Invincibles' for this feat.

Team longest in football league?

Everton Football Club is an English football club located in the city of Liverpool. The club competes in the Premier League and has contested more seasons in the top flight of English football than any other.WRONG. The answer is Arsenal.

Which English football league is Dover in?

The English football league that Dover is in is the Dover Athletic.

Who was the English football team that has the longest losing streak in the football league?

bradley connery west coast football club whitehaven he is a awsum footballer he is also gay

Who is the longest serving English football premiership manager?

The longest serving manager in the English premier league is Sir Alex Ferguson. Next is Arsene Wenger. But the longest serving ENGLISH manager in the premier league is Steve Bruce, who ranks third overall. ref.

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