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Q: What nfl team has the longest active sell out streak?
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What NFL team has the longest active home winning streak?


Which college football team has the longest active bowl losing streak?

Northwestern Wildcats

What college basketball team has the second longest active home winning streak?


What NCAA football team has the longest active bowl win streak?

Utah 8-0

Which nba team has the most consecutive sell outs?

The Portland Trailblazers had the longest streak at 814 from 77-95. Longest current streak is by the Mavs, I believe at 463 or more.

What NHL team has the longest sell out streak?

used to be colorado but now its the canucks with around 450+ i think.

What college football team has the longest streak without getting shut out?

Longest streak goes to BYU Do not currently know who has the longest current streak

Which team in serie a had the longest winning streak?

AC Roma is the team in Serie A that has had the longest winning streak of 10 games in the 2013 2014 season.

Which team does UF presently hold the longest win streak over?

Notre Dame streak over Navy is the current all-time leader for the longest consecutuve winning streak over one team in Div. 1A (Bowl Championship Series) football. That streak ended November 2007. The longest active streak is the Universty of Kentucky's 23 consecutive losses to the Tennesse Volunteers. Kentucky last defeated Tennessee in 1984. The University of Kentucky also has the second longest active losing streak to one team, the University of Florida Gators. The University of Kentucky last defeated Florida in 1985 suffering 21 consecutive losses.

What team has the longest winning streak?

The team is the Washington Women Basketball Team

What NBA Team has the longest streak for consecutive sellout games?

The longest consecutive sell-out streak in NBA history is 814 by the Portland Trail Blazers.

What team in baseball has longest winning streak?


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