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Dan Ross caught two touchdown passes from Ken Anderson in Super Bowl XVI, played January 24, 1982. San Francisco won the game, 26-21.

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Q: What Bengals receiver caught two touchdowns in Super Bowl XVI?
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What Bengals receiver caught 2 TD's in Super Bowl XVI?

Dan Ross

What Bengals receiver who caught 2 touchdown passes in Super Bowl?

TE Dan Ross in Super Bowl XVI

Who holds the record for the most receiving yards in a super bowl by a tight end?

Dan Ross of the Cincinnati Bengals caught a record 11 passes for 104 yards and 2 touchdowns in SB XVI

What black receiver has caught the most passes in a Super Bowl?

Jerry Rice

What titans receiver caught the last pass of super bowl XXXIV?

Kevin Dyson.

How many Super Bowls the Bengals won?

The Bengals have never won a Super Bowl.

What years did the Bengals win the Super Bowl?

The Bengals never won a Super Bowl

Did the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl?

The Bengals have yet to win a Super bowl.

What receiver caught more passes in the super bowl 1 than he had caught all season?

Max McGee of the Packers caught 3 passes in the 1966 regular season and 7 passes in Super Bowl I.

Who scored the second most touchdowns in all of his Super Bowl appearaances combined?

The person with the second most touchdowns in Super Bowl history is Dallas Cowboys running back Emmit Smith, who had 5 touchdowns in three Super Bowl games. He is second behind San Francisco 49er wide receiver Jerry Rice, who has 8 touch downs in 4 games in his career.

Did Cris Collingsworth ever win a Super Bowl ring?

No. But he played in two Super Bowls for the Cincinnati Bengals. In 1982, he played in Super Bowl XVI (16) which the Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers 26-21. Collingsworth caught 4 passes for 107 yards but also fumbled deep in 49ers territory in the 2nd quarter. In 1989, he played in Super Bowl XXIII, which the Bengals lost to the 49ers again, 20-16. He caught 3 passes for 40 yards.

What receiver caught the pass that set up New York's last score in Super Bowl 43?

David Tyree caught the pass with his helmet

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