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The person with the second most touchdowns in Super Bowl history is Dallas Cowboys running back Emmit Smith, who had 5 touchdowns in three Super Bowl games.

He is second behind San Francisco 49er wide receiver Jerry Rice, who has 8 touch downs in 4 games in his career.

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Q: Who scored the second most touchdowns in all of his Super Bowl appearaances combined?
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What player in the NFL has the most touchdowns?

Historically, Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for most touchdowns scored with 208. Of active players, LaDainian Tomlinson, as of 10/17/2010, has scored 158 touchdowns, including 143 rushing touchdowns and 15 receiving touchdowns. Randy Moss is a close second among active players with 153 touchdowns as of 10/17/10.

Who had the most scored touchdowns for the cowboys in the 06' season?

Marion Barber led the 2006 Cowboys in TDs with 16. Terrell Owens was second with 13.

How many career touchdowns does Brian Westbrook have?

Through the second game of the 2007 season, Brian Westbrook has scored 38 career regular season TDs and 5 career postseason TDs.

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What is the most touchdowns Peyton Manning has thrown in a season?

Peyton threw 49 touchdowns in the 2004 NFL season. it is the second most touchdowns ever thrown in a season by a NFL quarterback. there. you learned something new today.

Who caught the most touchdowns in a season?

Jerry Rice in the 1987 season with San Francisco with 22 TD's. Randy Moss broke the record with 23 receiving touchdowns in the 2007 campaign with the New England Patriots, although Jerry Rice's record of 22 was set in a 15 game strike-shortened season rather than the conventional 16 game season.

How many touchdowns has Tom Brady thrown in 2011?

39, the second most of his career

Who holds second place for the Pittsburgh Steelers all time record for touchdowns scored?

Franco Harris - 100 (91 rushing, 9 receiving)Hines Ward - 81 (80 receiving, 1 rushing)Jerome Bettis - 80 (78 rushing, 2 receiving)

How many interceptions did Drew Brees throw in 2010?

The Saints scored 3 touchdowns. Pierre Thomas (pass from Brees), Jeremy Shockey (pass from Brees), and Tracy Porter (interception) all scored touchdowns. Garrett Hartley had three field goals (and two extra points) Lance Moore had a 2pt coversion (pass from Brees) totaling 31 points.

Which NFL team holds the records for scoring the most touchdowns in a single NFL Super Bowl game?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the most TDs scored in a Super Bowl game by a team is 8 by the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV. The 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV, 55-10. Jerry Rice scored 3 TDs, Tom Rathman scored 2 TDs, and John Taylor, Brent Jones, and Roger Craig scored 1 TD each.

Who scored the second most free kicks in football?

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