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Kim Clisters

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Q: What Australian female player grew up playing tennis at Kingsley tennis club?
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Who was the youngest female tennis player to play in the Australian Open?

Pauline Spencer-Parsons in 1927 ?

Who was the youngest female tennis player to win the Australian Open?

Martina Hingis was the youngest at 16 years 4 months in 1997.

When did rod laver start playing tennis?

Rod Laver started playing tennis in 1973. He is an Australian tennis player that is currently inactive, and living in California.

What is the surname of the greatest Australian cricket player?

Bradman is the greatest Australian cricket player.

Which female tennis player won two grand slams last year?

In 2010 Serena Williams won the Australian Open and Wimbledon

Which former kansas jayhawk basketball player has won an Australian national basketball league championship and what nbl team was he playing for?

sasha kaun

Is from cricketer Marsh Pakistani cricket are player?

No. He is an australian player.

When was Robert Wood - Australian rugby player - born?

Robert Wood - Australian rugby player - was born on 1948-05-06.

When was Harry Williams - Australian soccer player - born?

Harry Williams - Australian soccer player - was born on 1951-05-07.

Who are some famous female field hockey athletes?

Nikki Hudson (australian striker, most capped player with 300+ games and 99 international goals at the time of her retirement) Rechelle Hawkes (australian, won three olympic gold medals) Alyson Annan (australian) Luciana Aymar (dutch)

Who was first female nfl player?

There has yet to be a female NFL football player.

Who is James'o'connor?

Famous Australian football player

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