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Rod Laver started playing tennis in 1973. He is an Australian tennis player that is currently inactive, and living in California.

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Q: When did rod laver start playing tennis?
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Related questions

Does Rod Laver have children?

No Rod Laver does not have any children. Rod Laver is a former tennis player and he holds the most singles titles won in the history of tennis.

Who is rod laver?

Rod Laver is a famous tennis player who was no.1 for 7 years

Who is the the only player to have one the grand slam in tennis not once but twice?

1962 - Rod Laver 1969 - Rod Laver

How old is Rod Laver?

Tennis legend Rod Laver is 79 years old (birthdate: August 9, 1938).

How tall is rod laver?

Rod Laver is approximately 5 foot 8 inches in height. Rod is a retired professional tennis player from Australia.

Is rod laver married?

Rod Laver was a professional tennis player from Australia. Rod married Mary Benson in 1966. The couple now lives in California.

Who is the best tennis player in Australia?

Rod laver

Who is a famous Australian Tennis player?

Rod Laver

Australian tennis players in the 1960s?

Rod Laver

What monuments begin with the letter r?

Rod Laver Arena is a famous tennis facility in Melbourne, Australia. It was named after the Australian tennis star Rod Laver.

Are any of Rod Laver kids professional tennis players?


Which tennis player was known as the Rockhampton Rocket?

Rod Laver

What famous athlete's first name start with the letter r?

Rafael Nadal (tennis), Raymond Berry (football), Roberto Clemente (baseball), Rod Laver (tennis), Roger Federer (tennis) and Rollie Fingers (baseball) are famous athletes.

What is Rod Laver well known for?

Rod Laver was a well known Australian tennis player who was ranked number one in the world from 1964 to 1970. He is the only tennis player to have won the Grand Slam twice.

Does rod laver have kids?

Rod Laver is a notable Tennis player whose wife died two years ago. He has a son from his wife Mary Laver and three step children who are from his wife's first marriage.

Who is Rocket Rod of tennis?

Rocket Rod refers to Rod Laver, an Australian former tennis player who holds the record for titles won in career.

The only man to win the grand slam twice tennis?

Rod Laver

How many times did Rod Laver win the tennis grand slam?


What is rod laver famous for?

One of the all time great tennis players

Which male tennis player has won two grand slams?

Rod Laver

What is the world record for hitting a tennis ball?

154 mph rod laver

Which tennis player is the youngest winner of the mens singles title at wimbledon?

Rod Laver

How many male tennis players - before Rafael Nadal - have won each of the four major tennis tournaments?

Rod Laver

Who won the grand slam twice in tennis history?

Rod Laver won it in 1962 and 1969.

Which male tennis player has won all 4 opens in the same year?

Rod Laver