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Weaver(angels) Weaver(dodgers) beckett(Boston)

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Q: What 5 MLB pitchers has the most srikeouts in may?
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Who were the two starting pitchers in the first MLB night game?

Paul Derringer of the Reds and Joe Bowman of the Phillies on May 24, 1935.

How many Asian pitchers have won 50 games in the Major League Baseball?

Hideo Nomo has 123 career MLB wins. Chan Ho Park has 124. Byun-hyun Kim has 54. Tomo Ohka has 51. Daisuke Matsuzaka comes close, with 49. There may be others -- Asian pitchers in American MLB are no longer unusual.

Pitchers longest winning streak in MLB?

Carl Hubbell of the New York Giants with 24. The streak started July 17, 1936 and ended May 27, 1937.

How many times is the catcher allowed to visit the pitchers mound in a major league baseball game?

There is no rule in MLB that specifies how many times a catcher may visit the pitcher during a game.

Who are the active mlb playerswith most hits?

As of May 19,2009 Derek Jeter has the most hits of any active player.

Who was the first player in the Major League Baseball?

The first MLB was in 1871 and called the National Association. There were nine teams in the League representing the cities of Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Washington, New York, Troy, Ft. Wayne, Cleveland, and Rockford. Each team had 12 or 13 players, two or three being pitchers. So there really wasn't a 'first' player in the MLB, it was more like the 'first' teams in the MLB. If you click on the 'First MLB Game' link on this page, you can read about the first MLB game ever played. The date was May 4, 1871.

What day do pitchers and catchers report Yankees 2008?

Injured players, along with pitchers and catchers may report no earlier than February 14th, all other players may begin training on February 19th.

How tall is Trevor May?

MLB player Trevor May is 6'-05''.

What pitchers have 350 wins?

As of May 13, 2008 there are 9 pitchers in MLB history with 350+ wins: 1. Cy Young - 511 2. Walter Johnson - 417 3. Grover Cleveland Alexander and Christy Mathewson - 373 5. Pud Galvin - 364 6. Warren Spahn - 363 7. Kid Nichols - 361 8. Roger Clemens - 354 9. Greg Maddux - 350

Where can one buy stoneware pitchers?

There are many places one can buy stoneware pitchers. Check out home goods stores such as Home Sense. Or look at Amazon or eBay which may have more variety.

How may times have New York Yankees pitchers hit Boston Red Sox batters with the ball?

Since 1950, Yankee pitchers have hit 264 Red Sox batters, and Red Sox pitchers have hit 337 Yankee batters. (Numbers recent as of August 2013.)

What team played the most innings in one day in the major leagues?

The Boston Red Sox and Brooklyn Dodgers played a 26 inning game on May 1st of 1920 that ended in a 1-1 tie and was called due to darkness (first MLB night game wasn't played until 1935). Both starting pitchers completed all 26 innings.

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