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joe cole

bryan robson

Paulo Wanchope

Alan shearer

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Q: What 3 player have been relegated from premiership year after winning league?
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Which player has won the premier league fa cup champions league uefa cup and has been relegated from the premiership?


Which football player has won the English premiership uefa champions league uefa cup and has also been relegated from the English premiership and is currently playing in the English premiership?


Which player is the Most relegated premiership player?

Nathan Blake

Which player has won a premiership medal while also getting relegated in the same season?

No premier league player that I know of But Mark Lawrenson did it in 1988 with Liverpool/Oxford

Name of football player who has won champions league eufa cup European super cup English premiership and was relegated but did not play in the championship?

nicky butt

Which player has won the fa cup the premier league the champions league the league cup and the uefa cup he has been relegated dut never played in the championship but still plays in the premiership?

kanu never won the league cup

Which player won the premier league champions league uefa cup fa cup got relegated from the premier league and he is now back playing in the premier league?

Manchester United is the team with the most medals. They have twelve wins to their name, thus they hold the top position for titles. They have twelve medals from their Premier wins altogether.

Can you name the current Premier League player who has represented three top flight clubs been relegated with his first and third clubs and won a Premier League winners medal with the second?

Alan smith - leeds relegated , united - league , - Newcastle - relegated

Which players has won the champions league the fa cup the premiership and the league one?

i don't believe there is such a player but Steve finnan has won all but the premiership

What premier league football player has won the champions league has been relegated from and promoted to the premier league?

David Beckham

Which premiership player has played in every league in the UK?

Kevin Keeghan

Who is the highest paid player in the Premiership league 2009?

christiano Ronaldo!!