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There have been two pitchers that pitched games in MORE than 25 seasons ... Nolan Ryan in 27 and Tommy John in 26.

Two other pitchers have pitched in 25 seasons ... Jim Kaat and Charlie Hough.

If Jamie Moyer makes the Colorado Rockies squad and pitches in a game in 2012, he will have pitched in 25 seasons.

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Q: What 3 baseball pitchers pitched for more than 25 years?
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Has anyone ever pitched more than one perfect game in major league baseball?

No. There have been 20 perfect games thrown by 20 different pitchers.

What is the total number of perfect baseball games pitched?

Through the 2008 season, 17 MLB pitchers have thrown perfect games. No pitcher has thrown more than one.

How many Major League Baseball games played to qualify as a rockie?

In MLB, a player is considered a rookie if they start a season with A) no more than 130 at bats in major league games (for non-pitchers), or B) no more than 50 innings pitched in major league games (for pitchers), or C) no more than 45 days on the active roster of a team(s) between the beginning of a season and August 31 (for pitchers and non-pitchers).

Why do baseball pitchers wear there socks so high?

Not all pitchers wear baseball sick high. Most of the pitchers wear thier socks low aor baggy. The hitters in baseball wear the high socks more than the pitchers. There are 4 kinds of baseball socks types. There are low, baggy, high, and high stirrup.

What is the differences between softball and basball?

In softball, the ball is bigger. Baseball pitchers pitch the ball overhand while softball pitchers pitch underhand. Baseball is more of a boys sport and softball is generally more for girls.

Why is mud used with professional baseball?

They use it to soften the balls to allow the pitchers to have more grip.

What does cbo mean in baseball stats?

Combined Shutout. Shutout using 2 or more pitchers.

Has any pitcher ever pitched more than one perfect game during their career?

No. There have been pitchers who have pitched multiple no-hitters, but thus far no one has achieved perfection twice.

Who is the only pitcher in baseball history to have seasons of 30 or more saves with 2 different teams prior to turning 26 years old?

Pitchers with 30 or more saves who played on 2 different team

How many home runs in an average baseball game?

2.3 because of overpowering hitters and more rookie pitchers!

Which baseball pitcher did not lose more games than he won?

Which pitcher? There have been MANY pitchers that have won more games than they lost.

Why is a Baseball Pitcher call a South Paw?

Baseball pitchers are only referred to as a Southpaw if they're left handed, it's more common for left handed pitchers to be referred to as a Southpaw but it's just a general term for anyone who is left handed.

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