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1.03 (3); 2.03 (34); 2.06 (37); 2.17 (48); 3.05 (68); 3.35 (98--compensatory pick); 4.04 (103). Past that, I'm not sure.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-16 22:35:03
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Q: What 2008 draft picks do the Falcons have?
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How many draft picks do the New England Patriots have in 2008 draft?

The Patriots drafted seven players in the 2008 NFL Draft

What round and number of draft picks do the Oakland Raiders have in the 2008 draft?

1st round, 4th pick.

What picks do the cowboy's have in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft?

22nd and 28th.

How many draft picks do the Oakland Raiders have?

Our beloved Raiders have 5 picks in the 2008 NFL draft (definitely not enough). We have picks in the 1st round, 4th round, 6th round, and two picks in the 7th round. *RAIDER NATION*

How did browns get 2 first round draft picks?

In the 2012 NFL draft, the Browns have their own selection (4th overall) and the Falcons selection (22nd overall). They received this year's #1 and #4 round selections from the Falcons in a trade last year when the teams swapped #1s in the 2011 draft so the Falcons could move up and draft WR Julio Jones of Alabama.

When did the NFL start granting compensatory draft picks?

The NFL just announced the 2010 compensatory draft picks. The New England Patriots were awarded four picks total, one in the sixth round and three in the third. The Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons were the only other teams to receive third round picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded.

Can Major League Baseball teams trade draft picks?

Yes, Major League Baseball teams can trade draft picks but only competitive balance draft picks, their regular draft picks as well as compensation picks cannot be traded.

How many picks are the NFL draft?

it depends on how many compensatory picks are given out. in the 2010 draft, there were 255 picks.

How many draft picks did the Pittsburgh Steelers have in the 2009 draft?

The Steelers had nine picks in the 2009 NFL Draft.

How many draft picks did the Pittsburgh Steelers have in the 2010 draft?

The Steelers had ten picks in the 2010 NFL Draft.

What is the salary of a third round NFL draft pick?

In 2008, third-round NFL draft picks averaged $668,000 guaranteed.

Who did the Cleveland cavaliers get for this year's draft picks?

Cleveland didnt have any picks in the 2007 draft.

How many picks do the Cleveland Browns have in the 2010 draft and in what rounds?

Eleven picks in the 2010 draft

How many picks do colts have in 2010 draft?

the colts have 10 picks the nfl draft season

How many draft picks there are in the MLB draft?


What picks do the Tampa Bay bucs have in the 2009 draft?

The Buccaneers have the following picks in the 2009 draft 19,81,120,155,191,217,229,233

How many draft picks can you have in a draft?

In theory, an unlimited amount, but 13- 15 picks is usually the most.

How many draft picks do the giants have in 2009 NFL draft?

Barring trades, the Giants have 8 picks.

How many draft picks did the Seattle Seahawks have for 2011?

The Seattle Seahawks had nine draft picks in 2011.

How many draft picks did the Pittsburgh Steelers have in 2011?

The Steelers had seven picks in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Who announces the NBA draft picks?

The commissioner of NBA, which is currently David Stern, announces draft picks.

What is the salary of a second round NFL draft pick?

For 2008 second-round picks, the player earned an average of $1,932,000 guaranteed.(For an article on Yahoo! Sports on the topic of draft picks, see the Related Link.)

Who was the 2008 second round draft picks in the nfl?

You'd have to look up 2008 NFL draft on google, yahoo, wikipedia, or somewhere else and scroll down to the second round

How many first round picks does Dallas have in the 2008 draft?

Currently, the Cowboys have two first round picks .... their own and Cleveland's. The Browns traded the Cowboys their first round choice in the 2008 for the Cowboys 22nd draft spot in the 2007 draft so they would be able to choose QB Brady Quinn.

Who did the Atlanta Falcons draft with their first ever draft choice?

The Falcons first ever draft pick was Tommy Nobis, linebacker, from Texas U in 1966.