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he debute in 1947

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Q: What year did jackie robinson debut for the brookly dogers?
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What year was Jackie Robinson's Major League Baseball debut?

Jackie Robinson's MLB debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers came on April 15, 1947.

When did Jackie Robinson debut in the Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson debuted for the Major League Baseball (MLB) Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

What year did Jackie Robinson join Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

Did Jackie Robinson play against Babe Ruth?

No, Ruth was deceased before Robinson made his Major League debut.

When did jackie robinson debut?

The Brooklyn Dodger great Jackie Robinson debuted in the Major Leagues on April 15, 1947. More than 25,000 people viewed the game at Ebbets Field.

What happened on Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary debut?

His uniform number (42) was retired by Major League Baseball.

Jackie Robinson played his first game for the Brooklyn dodgers?

Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut on April 15, 1947 playing against the Boston Braves at Brooklyn Dodgers Ebbets Field.

How old was Jackie Robinson when he first joined a major league baseball?

On April 15, 1947 Robinson made his Major League debut, and he was 28 years old.

Which team first signed Jackie Robinson?

Jackie RobinsonJackie Robinson was signed as a Free Agent with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945. He made his Major League debut on April 15, 1947. Jackie played 10 seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 to 1956 when he retired.

Did Jackie Robinson's debut in major league baseball change the shape of American sports?

Yes, it opened the door to many Great Black players.

Why are all the MLB players wearing 42 as their number?

It is Jackie Robinson Day. This day was initiated for the first time on April 15, 2004 in honor of Jackie Robinson making his major league debut, breaking the color barrier. It is celebrated on the same day every year.

When did Jackie Robinson Join the Montreal Orioles?

He did not join this team, but 1 year before his major league baseball debut, he played for the Montreal Royals in 1945

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