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Softball was at first just indoor Baseball. The first softball was a boxing glove and the first bat was a metal pole. Then it grew as a womens sport through out the years. It was first appeared in the Olympics in the 1996 Atlanta Games where the USA team won their first gold medal. They then appeared again in the 2000 Sydney Games where the they won another gold medal. In the 2004 Athens games, they won their third gold medal. In the 2008 Beijing Games, they lost in the gold medal round against Japan after they were favored to win the gold once more. As of today, softball is no longer considered an olympic sport. Some of the IOC ( International Olympic Committie) members belive its not an internationally known sport and that it is too closely related to baseball which seems to have a drug problem. It was voted out of the 2012 and 2016 olympic games but the ISF (International Softball Federation) is working very hard to regain its olympic status in the 2020 olympic games.

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Q: What's the story of softball
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