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A double trigger is built to use alternating fingers to achieve faster firing rates than a single trigger. It can be held from the top, like most double triggers, or in the middle, like some spyder double triggers, this also effects where you must hold it to alternate better.

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Q: What's the point of having a double trigger on a paintball gun and how do you use one Do you just pull it with two fingers or do you alternate two fingers?
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Is the jt paintball gun a single fire?

Yes. It has a double trigger to shoot faster, by using both fingers in a rocking motion.

Is there a double trigger available for the Tippmann US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun?

No, you can not fit a double trigger in any of the US Army tippmanns.

What is double trigger firing system on a paintball gun?

A double trigger firing system is where the trigger has grooves for two fingers rather than one. Usually found on tournament or "speedball" markers as opposed to singe trigger "woodsball" markers. To use to its full potential you use a fluttering motion with your index and middle fingers. This can increases rate of fire by more than three times if used correctly. The best Double triggers are for electric markers that have a return system (a magnet for example) and are adjustable (pre and post travel, activation point) Some markers have a double trigger purely for looks and is too insensitive to be used properly (ie most Tippmann and mechanical no MR series Spyder double triggers).

What is th emr1 paintball gun?

Do you mean the MR1 or the EMR1? Both of them are spyders entry level woodsball gun, with built in stock and double trigger. The emr1 has an electric trigger, which allows it to fire faster and with different modes, where the mr1 does not.

How do you fire faster with a paintball gun?

Buy better paint, and get a barrel that fits the paint well. Also clean your gun often.

What are paintball xball triggers called?

Triggers for Xball, speedball and airball are known simply as triggers. Most are "double triggers" which are large enough to be operated with two fingers. They are also known by the different styles of trigger geometry like "rake" "blade" "sling" and "stick." They also can be called by their operation type like "magnet" "spring" and "electric." Any combination of the types can be used to describe the trigger depending on how much detail you want to give.

Can you put a double trigger on a basic Tippmann A5?

Yes, just simply buy a double trigger and double trigger guard, open up your marker, remove and replace the old trigger and trigger guard.

What is value of Ithaca classic 12 gauge bouble barrel double trigger?

double trigger and hammers

What are the best Tippmann 98 custom upgrades?

i'd have to say the flatline barrel but it is your money so what ever you want if you want to shoot faster than go with a respons trigger and double trigger if you want to be fore shore that every time you pule the trigger that a paintball is going to come out get a cyclone feed or if you want to shoot farther and more acurat go with the flatline barrel go with the quick thread if you do

Will a tippmann double trigger system fit onto a tippmann X7 E- grip?

Yes, and in fact there is an E-trigger addition that comes with a double trigger.

How does a double trigger work?

The second trigger is usually a "set" trigger, that spring loads the forward trigger and makes it into a hair draw trigger.

What is crochet alternate fpdc and bpdc?

It means alternate between front post double crochet and back post double crochet.