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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Were woman aloud to watch the ancient Olympics in Greece?
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Who wasn't allowed to compete in Ancient Greece Olympics?

Women. They weren't even allowed to watch.

Who took part in ancient greek Olympics?

only men where aloud to take part because in those days woman weren't aloud to take part nor watch.

Who were not allowed to watch the Olympic Games in ancient Greece?

Women were not permitted to watch the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Who came to watch the ancient geeks Olympics?

Ancient nerds?

What happened in ancient Greece during the Olympics?

In the Olympics they had to do it naked, ladies couldn't watch. They did different things but still wasn't embarrest doing it naked!JenJen5500 thankyou and good night

What the Olympics is about?

The Olympics was first created to see who was the strongest/fastest and now it is the same but we also watch for fun. The modern Olympics was invented in 1896, held in Athens, Greece. The Ancient Olympics was created in 776 BC and ended in 393 AD.

Why were woman not allowed to participate in the olympic games?

becauseI'm not exactly sure but i know that the women weren't aloud in the Olympics neither were they aloud to watch the Olympics in the audience.the Olympics were considered a man sport back then like football but in Greek times

What were slaves forbidden to do?

ummm........... they wen rt aloud to get married but they were did have heaps freedom but not allot they we rent aloud to watch the man Olympics because they would run naked

What does the Olympics have to do with Greece?

Greece held the first Olympics. They were held in Olympia in honor of their gods which, lived on Mount Olympus. Only men were allowed to watch the Olympics because only men were in the Olympics and they wore nothing. They were nude.

Did you have to pay to watch the ancient Olympics?

No, but nothing was provided for them, no seating or shelter

Who wasn't allowed to watch the ancient Olympic games in Greece?


What type of clothing did people wear in the olympic games in Greece?

The men did not wear any clothes. Because of this, the married women were not aloud to come watch the Olympics If they did, they would be put to death. Single women could attend though.

Who was allowed to watch the ancient Olympics?

the men could only watch it becaus the men competed naked

Why weren't married women allowed to compete or watch the ancient Greece Olympics?

It was a male religious celebration in honour of the god Zeus. Women had their own religious events which males were banned from.

Where did the people sit to watch the ancient Greek Olympics?

they go to the old stadium

Has a girl or women done the Olympics in ancient greek?

No they weren't even allowed to watch

Three ways that the ancient Olympics are different from the modern Games?

women were not allowed to watch it.

What to do if your not aloud to watch TV?

If you are not allowed to watch TV, you could learn the difference between Aloud and Allowed.

Who watches the Olympic games in ancient Greece?

The children and the men. Women are not allowed to watch.

Where woman allowed to watch the olympics in the ancient greek?

No women were not allowed to take part in the ancient Olympics , started in Athens by the Greeks. No women were not allowed to take part in the ancient Olympics , started in Athens by the Greeks. and they get burned and have to stay in the house for days

What are some of the main differences in the ancient and modern Olympics?

Then: women were not allowed , not even to watch the games; no water sports; the award was a wrath from an oil tree; competitors were naked; only Greeks could enter; all the wars stopped in Greece for the time of the Olympics.

Who took part in the ancient greek Olympics?

who took part in the ancient greek olympics ---- ANSWER: Males only, and in the nude for the first 100 years. Females could not even watch.

How did the ancient olympic games stop?

The ancient Olympics stopped because there are now more people that are modern than ancient and people will get fed up having to watch old sports and the Olympics will lose their career

Who were allowed to watch the ancient Olympics?

Only men and unmarried women were allowed to watch the games. It was punishable by death for a married woman to watch the games.

Why weren't girls allowed to go to school in ancient Greece?

For some reason they didn't get as many rights as boys did, like getting to go to school or being able to compete in the Olympics. You probably won't believe me but girls weren't even allowed to watch the Olympics.