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Ancient nerds?

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Who came to watch the ancient geeks Olympics?
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Who came to the ancient Olympics?

The Ancient Greek citizens.

What man came up with the idea for the modern Olympics?

who came up with the ancient olympics

Who would watch the Ancient Olympic Games?

the ancient Greeks came up with the idea of the Olympics. the partakers would run naked. only men were allowed to watch and take part.

Who came up with the Olympics?

In Ancient Greek Herculies

Who came up with the idea of the ancient Olympics?

the greeks

Who came up with the summer Olympics?

ancient greece

Did they have the same events in ancient Olympics?

Most of the events from the Modern Olympics originally came from the Ancient Olympics but many more events have been added to the Modern Olympics...

Did they get medals or trophies at the ancient Olympics?

No medals were awarded at the ancient Olympics. However, the trophies were given to competitors who came between 1st and 3rd.

What happened if you came in second in the ancient Olympics?

You went home disappointed.

When did javelin originate?

The sport of javelin originated at the ancient Olympics, but the sport came from a hunting technique

How did the ancient Greeks travel to the ancient Greek Olympics?

They walked, rode horses or asses, walked, or came by boat.

What year did freaks and geeks come out?

It came out in 1999 and ended in 2000.

Who particapted in the ancient olympic games?

people came from all over ancient Greece after they were approved to be in the Olympics because they had to be good enough. so pretty much anyone who was good enough to participate in the Olympics and was a citizen of a Greek city could participate in the Olympics.

What was the ancient Greek games?

The Greek olympics where loads of citys came such as athens or sparatns to compete in events such as fighting

What came first the clock or the watch?

The clock came before the watch. Clocks in various forms have been available since the days of Ancient Egypt, whereas the watch did not make an appearance until the 17th century.

Who participated in the ancient Olympic?

the Ancient Greeks did. The Ancient Greek are the ones who first came up with the Olympics, one of the main sports was wrestling, along with many other extremely physical activities.

Why the name Olympics came for Olympics?

the first olympics occured in olympia

Why are there ancient and modern Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were used as a way to avoid war when it came to dividing up territory. The modern Olympics is done to bring together the nations in peace and unity even though we all know it's so that we can have pride in our nation for kicking the crap out of everyone else.

How many sports are there in the ancient Olympics?

At first, there was only footracing during the ancient Olympics, but later there came wrestling, boxing, javelin and discus throwing, long jumping, and chariot racing. There were no other sports involved, so when you total what I listed for you there, your answer should be 7.

What year was the second event added to the ancient Olympics?

There was no second event. Some of the events already came and the first ones were card games.

What came first ancient Rome or ancient Egypt or ancient Greece?

Ancient Egypt came first then ancient Greece then ancient Rome.

Where do Olympics come from?

The Olympics came from the Greek, who started it as an annual tournament which then got spread to the whole world and Olympics started. But the origin of it came from Greece.

Who came to watch the ancient olympic games?

bob marly the queen president nixon henry v jessie j

Who came first in the swimming Olympics?

USA came first Australia came second

Who came up with the word Olympics?

romans That is not latin. Olympics was a Greek word.