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No, it was France and Italy.

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Q: Were Germany and Italy the last two teams for the last world cup?
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When did Italy win the World Cup last?

Italy last won a world cup in 2006 in Germany.

When did Germany last win the football world cup?

Germany which was West Germany till 1994 won the world cup last in 1990 in Italy.

Italy won the last World Cup in?

Italy won the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany.

In the last world cup held in Germany in 2006 who knocked out Australia?


What Country won the last World Cup?

The last world cup was won by Italy inthe 2006 world cup held in Germany.

The four final teams in the World Cup are?

If you are talking about the semi-finalists of the last World Cup in 2006, then they are: France Germany Italy Portugal

Who won the last mens world soccer cup?

Italy won the 2006 world cup in Germany.

What teams have won the world soccer cup in the last four years?

Italy 2006 Brasil 2002

How many World Cup medals have Italy so far?

Italy has won the World Cup Championship in 4 occasions. The last one was in Germany 2006

What country won the last football world cup?

Italy won the last world cup, in 2006 which was held in Germany. They defeated France. Italy won it in 2006, and Spain in 2010.

Who were the last 5 countries to hold football world cup?

The last five countries to host the world cup are Germany, Japan , France, U.S.a and Italy.

Which coutnry hosted the previous FIFA World Cup?

Germany hosted the last world cup in which they came third and Italy won it.

Who won FIFA World Cup 2009?

There is no Fifa world Cup in 2009. Italy won the last World Cup in 2006, hosted by Germany.

Who is the champion of the last world cup?

Italy are the reigning champions, after beating France on penalties in the final in Germany in 2006.

What does axis have to do with World War 2?

Axis is the term of Germany, Italy and Japan union in that war. Italy did not last long but the leader Benito named that term.

Who are the last 12 world cup winners for soccer?

In order starting at 1966 with England, Brazil, West Germany, Argentina, Italy, Argentina, West Germany, Brazil, France, Brazil, Italy, and Spain in 2010.

Who surrendered first Germany Japan or Italy in World War 2?

Germany. Japan were last to surrender. Italy gave up half way through fighting in war with allie, America & Great Britain.

How many teams were in the last world cup?

32 teams

What are the teams going to the 2010 world synchronized skating championships?

I do not know the exact teams that are going but I do know that all of the teams going are from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (2 teams), Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland (2 teams), France, Germany (2 teams), Hungry, Iceland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, and last but certainly not least, 2 teams from USA!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW THAT'S A LOT OF BLADES!! <3 Mary

Which teams won the last ten world cups?

2006 - Italy 2002 - Brazil 1998 - France 1994 - Brazil 1990 - Germany 1986 - Argentina 1982 - Italy 1978 - Argentina 1974 - Germany 1970 - Brazil

When is the last time Germany beat Italy in a soccer game?


Where does the last name Rea come from?

Ireland, Scotland, Italy, or Germany

Where have the last 5 world soccer cups been played?

The last five world cups were held in these countries, 1990 Italy, 1994 U.S.A, 1998 France, 2002 Japan and S.Korea 2006 Germany.

When was the last time Italy was on war?

World WAr 2 was the last time Italy was at war officially.

How many teams competed in the last football world cup finals?

32 teams