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Italy 2006 Brasil 2002

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Q: What teams have won the world soccer cup in the last four years?
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Who won the soccer world cup the last four years?

It was ITALY.

What is the soccer tournament held every four years?

The World cup

What soccer tournament that happens every four years?

The FIFA World Cup

What is the major world soccer competition that takes place every four years?

The world cup.

Which is the most popular soccer tournament?

The most popular soccer tournament is the F.I.F.a world cup held every four years.

What is the World Cup soccer championship?

The World Cup is a championship that has been going on for more than 100 years. It is the tournament of the best country soccer teams in the world. It is made up of many qualifying groups followed by regular groups in stage by stage eliminations. It is held in different stadiums in one country (which changes)- every four years.

Fill in the blank The World Cup in soccer held ever years?

The F.I.F.A world cup is held once every four years.

Who won the 2009 World Cup in Soccer?

No one. It's played every four years.

How many countries participating in 2010 world cup soccer in SA?

ere are 32 countries in a eight groups of four teams each.

Who played on four world championship teams his first 4 years playing in the majors?

Joe Dimaggio

Who won 2008 soccer worldcup?

The 2008 world cup was not played as it is held every four years it was in 2006.

Who has won the soccer World Cup three times?

No teams have won the world cup exactly three times. Germany did have 3 titles, but after their 2014 victory it was pushed up to four.

What is the biggest soccer tournament in the world?

It depends on your definition of 'biggest"- The World Cup, held every four years is the most prestigious and highest-level soccer tournament. But in terms of sheer numbers, the biggest is the Gothia Cup, a youth soccer tournament held every year in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2012 1,625 teams took part with a total of 35,000 players and officials involved.

What are four Mexican soccer teams?


Give the names of four teams in the mexican soccer league?

Atlas, Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, Monterrey.+

What proportion of the teams in this years world cup is from Asia?

Four teams qualified for 2010 FIFA World Cup from Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Australia Japan Korea DPR Korea Republic.

Which teams are still in the World Cup?

The four teams in the world cup still are Germany, Uruguay, Holland and Spain.

Why does the US Soccer team only compete every four years?

The US Soccer team only competes every four years because it is the required to do so because the Wold Cup tournaments is participated after every four years.

What mexcian soccer teams have won 5 soccer games in a row?

none have won 5, but the Mexican team C.D. Guadalajara won four in a row.

Can women play professional l foofball?

Yes women can play soccer , they have their own world cup every four years.

What four europeans countries have won soccer world cups?

Actually more than 4 European teams have won, they are : France, England, Italy, Spain and Germany (West)

Which four international soccer teams have one the most world cups?

Brazil (5) Italy (4) Germany - incl West Germany (3) Uruguay & Argentina (2)

How many countries play soccer?

Just about every country in the world plays soccer. FIFA, the international governing body, has 209 members. Teams from around the world take 2 years to play the World Cup, from the qualifying stages, to decide which 32 countries make it to the finals, through to the finals themselves. It is not just those 32 countries that play soccer. The World Cup finals is the high point in international soccer, and happens every four years, having taken the two previous years to decide who qualifies. In addition, there are many other international tournaments. So it is the most international sport in the world and the World Cup is the biggest single sport world championship of all sports.

Which is the only country that enters four teams for the world football cup?

There are four teams that are members of UEFA and are either part of United Kingdom or are British overseas territories. These four teams are England, Wales, Gibraltar and Scotland. All these teams participate in the FIFA world cup qualifiers.

Which three international soccer teams have one the most world cups?

Brazil has won the world cup on five diffrent times. Germany has won the world cup three times . And Italy have won the world cup four times.