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the top earners at Chelsea get up to £200,000 a week , almost 4 times the national average annual salary. The players are sucking the profits out of football. This situation can only go on for a few years before the clubs cut back the amounts earned by their players. If the Sky deal was reduced or cancelled there would be financial Armageddon in the Premier League

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Q: Weekly wages of Chelsea players
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What is the current weekly salary for Michael essien of Chelsea?

He makes £120,000-a-week in wages.

Weekly wages of Liverpool players?

Downing: 125 k a week

How much is Chelsea fc wages?

the average wage of chelsea's players is about 68,046 pounds per week

Who is the chealsa richest player?

Chelsea richest players is John Terry, with a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds.

A list of top 100 highest weekly wages players in Barclay English premier league?


Who are the top ten highest paid football players in weekly wages in the world?

John terry of chelseafc

How do you increase my rem weekly wages on fifa 10 xbox 360 manager mode?

sell players

What is the weekly wage of an American footballer?

football players don't have weekly salary's they have yearly ones... these wages differ greatly from skill and how much u help the team... the worst players still make about $400,000 a year.

Salary for each player at Chelsea?

Professional football players wages are never released to the public officially. Each players wage is determined on many different factors.

Why do European soccer players make more than American players?

As there are more Europeans playing football, and they are far better then the Americans , their salary is more in weekly wages.

What is john obi mikel's weekly wage at Chelsea?

John Obi Mikels weekly salary at Chelsea is 40,000 pounds a week.

What are Chelsea wages?

As of July 2008 - £150m

How many players do Chelsea have?

There are 11 players on the field, and there are 7 subs on the Chelsea side

What are wages paid by top four football clubs in premier league?

Both Manchester United and Chelsea pay very high weekly salaries even Liverpool have high salaries for Gerrard, maschareno . But Arsenal have a control on the weekly salary.

What are the weekly wages for 40 hours of work at an hourly rate of 8.50?

340.00 weekly.

Who is the player with highest weekly wages?

david beckham

Where do the Chelsea fc players live?

Chelsea and cobham mostly

Manchester united players Wages?

what are manchester united wages

What is Eden hazard's weekly wage?

170,000£/week from Chelsea

Who are the players that left Chelsea FC during 2008?

The players who left Chelsea are Andriy Shevchenko and Claude Makelele

Who is stronger Chelsea or Manchester United?

Chelsea because they have fantastic players

Who is the highest weekly wages paid in footballers?

Samuel eto

Wayne Rooney's weekly wages?

around £90,000 a week.

What are the manufacturing production workers weekly wages?

good question

What footballer earns the most money?

Eto'o in weekly wages but it's messi with sponsors and wages together