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Juan Sebastien Veron

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Q: How many man united players have also played for Chelsea?
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Name 10 players you have played in the a world cup final and have also played in the premiership but not for man u Chelsea arsenal or Liverpool?

Jurgen Klinsmann Roque Junior Stephane Guivarc'h Christophe Dugarry Marco Materazzi Juninho Christian Karembeu Branco Nicola Berti Dino Baggio

Who are the most famous German soccer players?

Current well known German players include Michael Ballack a midfielder who plays for Chelsea, Lukas Podolski a striker who plays for Bayern Munich, Miroslav Klose another striker who plays for Bayern Munich and Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn who also plays for Bayern Munich.

Do you have to play in the minor leagues to play in the major leagues?

No, a handful of polished college players go directly to the majors after being drafted, and also most of the Japanese players in the majors never played in the (American) minors.

How many Brazilian players have played for Middlesbrough FC?

I make it 7 - Afonso Alves, Fabio Rochembache, Guidoni Junior Doriva, Juninho, Emerson & Branco also Ricardinho Fabio also played for Boro - it was Emersons Cousin

Who has played for Barcelona and Manchester united?

The Swedish striker Henrik Larson played for both Barcelona and Manchester United, as did the Welsh striker Mark Hughes. Gerard Pique also played for both clubs as did Jordi Cruyff and Laurent Blanc.

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How many former Rangers players have also played for Chelsea?


Which players have played for Barcelona and Chelsea and Liverpool?

boudewijn zenden Also Pepe Reina, Jari Litmanen

What players have played for 2 or more of arsenal Chelsea man utd or Liverpool and also played for either real Madrid or Barcelona?

Nicolas Anelka, Michael Owen

Who played for both arsenal and Liverpool in the premier league?

One of the players who played for both arsenal and Liverpool is Nikolas Anelka ( also played for chelsea , West Brom ) Another Player is Yossi Bennoyoun

Who has played for both leeds united and arsenal?

No, as far as I am aware, there is no player who has played for Leeds United who has also played for more than one of Liverpool, Chelsea or ManYoo. You can confirm which players have played for Leeds United and those other clubs at: Hope this helps. David W

What 13 players played for two of the premiership big 4 teams?

This is the correct answer: 1. Bolo Zenden (Chelsea & Liverpool) 2. Ashley Cole (arsenal & chelsea) 3. Juan Veron (man u & chelsea) 4. Lassana Diarra (Chelsea & Arsenal) 5. Paul Parker (Man Utd then played three games as a Chelsea player) 6. William Gallas (arsenal & chelsea) 7. Jermain Pennant (arsenal & liverpool) 8. Emanual Petit (arsenal & chelsea) 9. Nicolas Anelka (arsenal, pool & chelsea) 10. Paul Ince (man u & liverpool) 11. Mark Bosnich (chelsea & man u) 12. Mark Hughes (chelsea & man u) 13. Mikel Silvestre (arsenal & man u) 14. Glen Johnson (chelsea & liverpool) 15. Michael Owen (liverpool & man u)

What country participates in the Chelsea Games?

The country which participates in the Chelsea Games is Great Britain because Chelsea is in the United Kingdom. Chelsea F.C. or Chelsea Football Club is also known as The Blues.

Are any Chelsea players Brazilian?

Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa or Alex as he is called is a Brazilian defender playing for Chelsea also david luiz, ramires

Who created the Chelsea Building Society?

The person who created the Chelsea Building Society is an entrapraneur, Chelsea Clinton. Also she is the daughter of Former President Clinton of the United States of America.

Who spends more money Manchester United or Chelsea?

In the past 5 years or so, Chelsea have spent more money. But, in the past, United were also big spenders. Overall though, I would say Chelsea have spent more money.

Name 7 players that played for two of top 4 teams in England and also played in Spain?

Nicolas anelka - arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, real Madrid Jermaine pennant arsenal, Liverpool, real zaragoza theres two ;)

Who is the best Chelsea or Manchester United?

this is a subject to opinion as people are biased. i am a man u supporter myself statistically man u are better with many more titles and cups and other stuff Chelsea might have been good last season and first quarter of this season but they are weakening. also Chelsea just buy players, on the other hand man utd train them up like RONALDO.