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I am sure that over the years, sime have been changed, because new moves were invented, but I don't think that any rules have been changes lately.

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Q: Was there any rule changes in rhythmic gymnastics?
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Is rhythmic gymnastics the hardest sport in the UK?

No, hardly any people in the UK know of rhythmic gymnastics, anyway.

Is there any special training for rhythmic gymnastics?

Yes in calabar

What are the differences between acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics?

In rhythmic gymnastics you use an object (like a ball or a ribbon) and only compete on floor. In artistic (or as you said, acrobatic) gymnastics, girls compete on beam, bars, floor and vault, they do not use any other object

How many new zealanders are competing in rhythmic gymnastics?

The have not entered an athlete in any Gymnastic event

What are the different kinds of rhythmic gymnastics?

There only 1 rhythmic gymnastic. You use ropes, clubs, balls, hoops, and rubans. Then there are different kind of gymnastic. Acrobatic, artistic, rhythmic, and I don't know any other.

What is the best sport for small frame girls?

Rhythmic Gymnastics.. it's the best sport for any girl.

Safety rules in rhythmic gymnastics?

I am a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics and there aren't any rules really. but there are different levels and your elements need to be a certain difficult. also, when competing you can't get out of the floor. you can get many deductions for things like: getting out of the floor, switching equipment, ending without the music, and not following the moves on your form. Hope this helps!

What are the differences between rhythmic and artistic gymnastics?

In Artistic Gymnastics, gymnasts compete on 4 events:beam, bars, floor, and vault. On floor, tumbling is a major part of the routine. But in rhythmic gymnastics, gymnasts compete on the floor with different apparatuses: the clubs, ribbon, ball, hoop, and rope. Any tumbling besides cartwheels, rolls, and walkovers are not allowed. The main focus is dance, flexibility, strength, and music chosen for the routines. Gymnasts can also compete together in pairs or teams, unlike in artistic gymnastics.

Common stunts and pyramid in rhythmic gymnastics?

In rhythmic gymnastic there aren't usually any pyramids, and not many stunts. They have many jumps. Which are: Pas de chat, Pas de biche, the spli in the air, Scissors, and there are 2 more which I don't exactly remember the name but I know what they are.

Have there been any changes in the WNBA over the years?

Yes. Rule changes, talent changes, attendance changes, exposure changes.

Have there been any changes in baseball?

I think the Designated Hitter rule was an amendment.

What is the difference between Olympic gymnastics and nrhythmic gymnastics?

You can do rythmic gymnastics in the olympics, it is just another form of gymnastics, olympic gymnastics can be any form of gymnastics performed at the olympic games.

Why did the national assembly make changes in the French government?

They were afraid that they would fall under German rule, so their changes to the government allowed their president to veto any bills that let them susceptible to German rule.

Are there any possible rule changes to the game of football in the near future?

There are several rule changes made each year during the off-season. This season saw the "kick return wedge" limited to no more than two people, among other changes. There were several rule changes this season, and this is usually the case. So yes, there are likely going to be a great many rules changes in the seasons to come.

What are the gymnastic specialities?

There are six different types of gymnastics. These are; womens artistic, mens, rhythmic, trampoline and tumbling, acro, and group. In womens artistic gymnastics, there are 4 events; vault, uneven bars, balance beam and the floor exercise. Women can specialize in any of these events or compete in the all-around. In mens gymnastis, there are 6 events; floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and the high bar. Again, men can specialize in any of these events or compete in the all-around. In rhythmic gymnastics, there are 4 events; clubs, hoops, rope, and ball. Women can specialize in any of these events or compete in the all-around. In tramp and tumbling, there are 4 events; trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini trampoline, and tumbling. These gymnasts can specialize in any of these apparatuses or compete them all (however there is no all-around competition) In acro gymnastics, there different events based on who makes up the group. There is; women's pair, women's group, men's pair, and mixed pair. For group gymnastics, there are two events; group jump and group floor exercise which each squad competes in. I hope this helped!

Are there any kids gymnastics clubs near Birmingham?

Birmingham Flames Gymnastics Club - map on A great club for gymnastics.

What is the difference between rhythmic gymnastics and acro dance?

I've done both and there's definitely a big difference though many think it's the same. In gymnastics, athletes show off the difference things they can do using what equipment they get. For example, jumping on beam. But in acro, you do the same things without any equipment. Acro is also more dance-like, in my acro dance we did pirouettes and leaps and also threw in flips and ariels. While in gymnastics you would do a short routine with as many tricks you could fit in. In short form, acro is basically gymnastics without all the equipment and it's more dance-like.

How many medals in gymnastics has Cuba won?

Any medal in gymnastics for Cuba at Summer Olympics.

Is gymnastics the hardest sport?

Gymnastics is the hardest sport to master so if you ever try doing gymnastics make sure that you are prepared. But there is all kind of gymnastics i do regular gymnastics and there are all kind of different levels i am in level 6 and it is hard. A lot of people can not do gymnastics any more if they have got hurt and it ruins there whole career of gymnastics. Also people have died of gymnastics. That is why gymnastics is the hardest sport.

Is there any school like silver stars gymnastics school in Kuwait?

yes, there are plenty of gymnastics schools!!!!!!

In What sesaon do gymnastics start?

Gymnastics does not start in any particular season or end. It's year round

What age can you be to do gymnastics?

Any age

Did Neil Armstrong do any gymnastics?


How tall do you have to be to do gymnastics?

Any age any height but when you are a Adult you can't do it

Can you name any interesting rhythmic features of the theme tune of Indiana Jones?