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Australian Rules is a particular code of football created in Australia and played as a competitive team sport.

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Q: Was there a sport created in Australia?
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When was Dunlop Sport - Australia - created?

Dunlop Sport - Australia - was created in 1924.

Famous sport in Australia?

tennis is a sport that people play in australia

Who is the Minister for Sport for Australia?

Peter Craig Dutton is the Minister for Sport for Australia.

What was the first sport played in Australia?

The first known sport played in Australia was cricket. Australia was settled by the British, and cricket is strong in England. The first known cricket match was played at Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia on 8 January 1804. The first uniquely Australian sport created in Australia was AFL: Australian Football League - ('Football' does not mean soccer).

Is Australia good at sport?

Yes, on average the general populace of Australia is good at sport.

What percentage of kids play sport in Australia?

61% of kids in Australia play sport

What sport in Australia is similar to soccer?

Australia has soccer as a sport. There is no other sport similar to soccer. The various codes of football played in Australia are nothing like soccer.

What is the second most popular sport in Australia?

The second most popular sport in Australia is cricket.

What is the most popular water sport in Australia?

Swimming is easily the most popular water sport in Australia.

What is Australia's main sport?

Australia's main sport is cricket, followed by AFL - Australian Rules football (not soccer).

How many kids do sports in Australia?

A lot - basically every kid does a sport in Australia - plus you have to do sport at school.

What is the favorite sport in Australia?


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