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Q: Was the take off board in long jump ever called a springboard?
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How do you know where to jump on a springboard?

Most springboards will have a piece of white table about 4-5 inches from the top of the spring board. You will want to center your feet across that white line. When jumping on the springboard, make sure your knees are bent and your chest does not lean over, or you will receive a minor deduction from the judges. You should like you are sitting in a chair with good posture if someone were to take a snapshot of you as you made contact with the springboard.

How do you do a springboard in WWE all-stars?

jump on top ropes

What are some ways to get up on a gymnastics bar?

pull over, squat on, jump, springboard

Where do you measure the triple jump from?

Just like the long jump, the triple jump requires that a competitor begin his or her jump from a designated line called "the board". This line is typically much farther back and the jumper performs three individual jumps in one constant movement. Did you know that if a jumper starts his/her jump before reaching the board, the jump will be measured FROM the board?

Was Mario ever called jump man?


What is the name of a jump in the air in skateboarding made by stamping on the rear of the board?

It's called and ollie. It is called an ollie.

What is a gymnast springboard?

It is used for vaulting. you have to run and jump on it. it has springs in it so when you hit it it bounces you up. L

Do you measure from the front of the board or the back of the board for your approach for the long jump?

back of the board for your approach and front for the jump

Whats the worlds highest Nollie?

jump over a car with skate board now that's the biggest and highest nollie ever

What is skatboarding?

Skatboarding is when you get a board with wheels and go down the street jump over what ever is in your way and just have fun. by Michael weatherford

What a skating jump is called?

A skating jump's names can vary, depending on what jump you are doing. Some jumps are: Sal chow, Backflip...ETCWhen you cause the board to pop up in the air at your feet (as if jumping) it is called an ollie. It is typically done by abruptly, powerfully pushing down on the back of the board often while leveling out the front of the board via down pressure. Many other tricks cause the board/skater to raise off the ground as well (kickflip, 360 flip, etc.), but the ollie is the fundamental "skating jump."[note to all: The question is about 'ice skating', not skateboarding]

What is the highest score on doodle jump?

24,210,720 by AWPrince (A.W Prince) Score Board on October 19, 2012 is the highest score ever.

When you jump off a high diving board into water you notice great resistance of water this is called what?

your moms bed

Can you jump from behind the board in long jump?

yes but you will not get as far

What is the most popular game ever played including electronic games board games card games etc?

PAC man and jump man are equal

When is a long jump a no jump?

When you either step past where your not supposed to or you don't jump close enough to the board

What is another name for the takeoff board in long jump?

Strip board.

How can a long jumper scratch on a jump?

step over the white board you jump of from.

In surfing what height of the wave should you jump up on the surf board?

you can jump up on any type of wave, it all depends on your experience and the type of board you have

What is that skateboard trick that you held the board in your hand and then jump up onto something then put the board back to your feet while you jump down?

Caveman I think.

How far is the take off board away from the sand pit in triple jump?

The board can be from twenty to forty feet away from the pit depending on how far you can jump.

What are the release dates for Trying to Jump Her Board Bill - 1898?

Trying to Jump Her Board Bill - 1898 was released on: USA: July 1898

What do divers jump of when they dive?

the board

Is there a spring board in long jump?


How do you change then i jump in from the diving board into future tense?

Then I am going to jump in ......................... Then I will jump in...................... Then I am jumping in..............