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No. A South-American country never joined cricket.

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Q: Was cricket popular in south America?
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Why cricket is not popular in South America?

Cricket was invented in England and spread through the British Empire. The British Empire was not present in South America therefore cricket did not spread to this region

What forms of recreation are enjoyed in south America?

Soccer, cricket and bullfights with soccer being the most popular.

Why did cricket not flourish in South America?

There was only one British colony in South America, Guyana, and they do play cricket there (as part of the West Indies.)

Why is football and soccer famous in south America but not cricket?

Cricket is not well known because South America was not colonized by the British. Cricket is a British sport and when the British colonized other nations like Australia and South Africa they brought cricket there.

Which is more popular cricket or table tennis?

Cricket is more popular than table tennis in South Africa

In which country cricket is most popular game?

America and Erope

What sports are popular in south africa?

Soccer, Cricket and Rugby

Do they play cricket in South Korea?

NO. US-Style Baseball is far more popular than Cricket.

What are the most popular sports in South Africa?

soccer, rugby and cricket

Explain why cricket became popular in India and West indies.Can you give reason why it did not become popular in countries in South America?

Cricket become popular in countries like india and west indies because of its colonial background.British imperial officers used it as a symbol of racial and social superiority.They did not popularise cricket for the masses.For the colonised playing cricket implied being the racial equals of the british .Success at cricket came to imply racial equality and political progress.In this colonies cricket was popar sport either by white settlers (South America,Zimbabwe,Australia,NewZealand,The West indies and Kenya) from: mohit please say thankue if this answer help you

What are the five most popular sports in South America?

football (soccer) is the most popular sport in south America

What are popular sports in South Asia?

Cricket is a very huge game in south Asia also field hockey is also popular

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