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The origin of Chess is uncertain and remains a highly debatable topic. There are numerous legends and stories surrounding the beginning of chess.

According to one of the theories, the earliest precursor of chess originated in India around 1500 years ago. It was a war game called Chaturanga, a Sanskrit name for a battle formation mentioned in the Mahabharata. The literal meaning of Chaturanga is ‘four limbs’, it is used to refer to the four divisions of the army: Elephantry, chariotry, horsemen and infantry which advanced into modern-day chess pieces. It had two key features common to modern day chess- each piece had a different power, and the king had to be defeated to achieve victory. It was believed to be played with a die on an 8x8 squares board gradually evolving into Shatranj. It spread to Persia at the time of Islamic invasion in 6th century AD. From India through Persia, chess reached Europe during the 15th century. This is where chess evolved into its current form.

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Yes they did, it was designed for the Indian generals to practice battle tactics.

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I think chess was pretty much invented in India. But some people argue if it's invented in china too so we may not know.

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In India.

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Q: Was chess invented by the Egyptians?
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Who ninvented the chess?

Who Invented Chess? The inventer of chess is unknown but we do know that it was invented in the 6th century. When chess was invented it was known as "chaturaṅga" which means "Four Divisions"

Why did the Egyptians play chess?

the same reason you play chess; for fun, entertainment

Did ancient Egyptians play chess?

No, chess had not been invented in the ancient period of history. It seems to have been developed in Persia and among the Arab peoples during the medieval period, spreading across Europe after the First Crusade.

Who invented GO chess?

Emperor Yao invented go chess at 2356 B.C.

When was chess invented and who invented it?


Where The Chess Was Invented?


Was chess invented by a African American?

Chess originated in India not Africa.

What person started chess?

It is uncertain who started chess, but it is believed to be the ancient Egyptians; although chess using the modern rules first came about during the middle ages.

How was the chess board invented?

The chess board was invented along with the game that is played on it. It's history dates back to India, as that is where chess originated. As you might imagine, the specifics are lost in history.

Who invented chess first in world?

The first form of chess was invented in India. The rules of the game we play today were finalized in the 1490's.

Who has invented maximum Circular Chess Variants?

Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati: An amazing special kid from India has invented maximum Circular chess variants. He is a kid of 10.5 years suffering from fatal disease and has invented 3 types of Circular chess boards, which had led to 100 chess variants inventions and that took his country to top position in Chess variants inventions.

How did they discover chess?

Chess wasn't discovered, it was invented around the 11th century, as the sequel to an already-popular simplified type of chess.