Was Russia communist during the time of Czarist Russia?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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No, it wasn't.

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Q: Was Russia communist during the time of Czarist Russia?
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What kind of government did Russia have during World War 2?

During that time period Russia was a Communist nation.

Was Russia the only communist country that was communist?

Communism: a classless stateless society based on production for use. It will have to exist on a global basis. Russia was clearly never Communist; as the USSR it was state capitalist.

Which communist country held for the first time the Olympics?

1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow, Russia, USSR.

Who pulled russia out of ww1?

the communist leader at the time, valamair lenin.

How does Communist relate to the Cold War?

America didn't trust Russia because they were communist. both Russia and America were in a time of distrust with each other, thinking they may go to war. this time was called the "cold war"

Did any other countries have a republic for their government at this time?

All of Europe are Republics except for Russia which is communist.

What do you think might have happen in Russia if the communist party won control of the government again?

I personally think that if the communist party took back over Russia then the country would fall apart just like last time it has shown time and time again the only form of government that works is a democracy.

Who was the president in Russia during the holocaust?

There was no president in Russia at this time. Russia has only had presidents since 1991. The Holocaust was in the 1940s.

Who is the communist leader that started the take over in Russia during World War 1?

Vladimir Ulianov(better known as Lenin) was the leader of the party that eventually became the Communist Party of the USSR. At the time of the revolutions (there was more than one during the early 20th century, with the October Revolution being the final one) they were known as Bolsheviks.

During the time of trouble in Russia why was there confusion?

A lack of leadership

Why was there much confusion During the Time of Troubles in Russia?

A lack of leadership

Why During the Time of Troubles in Russia why was there much confusion?

A lack of leadership