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Q: Was Peyton Manning ever been called the general?
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Is Stacy manning related to Eli and Peyton Manning?

no or else she would of already been mentioned by Peyton cooper or Eli manning! : )

How long Peyton Manning been in the nfl?

Peyton Manning was drafted in 1998 and started that year for the Indianapolis Colts

Who has more touchdown passes Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning has more with 353 while Tom Brady has 216, but Peyton Manning has been in the NFL two seasons longer

Is Peyton Manning injured?

Yes, he's been married to Ashley Manning (Thompson) since 2001. They've been together since Peyton was at UT.

Who has been a Indianapolis Colts Quarterback?

Peyton Manning

Who has been a colts player the longest?

Peyton Manning

How many times has Peyton Manning gone to the pro bowl?

Peyton Manning has been to the Pro Bowl 12 times, most recently in 2013.

How long has Peyton Manning been with the Colts?

13 years

How many times has Peyton Manning been sacked?


How long has Peyton Manning been a colt?

12 years

Peyton Mannings wife?

Peyton Manning's wife's name is Ashley Thompson. They have been married since 2001

How long has Peyton Manning been married?

10 years now.

How many probowls has Peyton Manning been to?

9 pro bowls

Is Peyton Manning and Eminem cousins?

No. it would have been in the papers if they were cousins

Has Peyton Manning ever been injured?

yes he injured his neck

How many times has Peyton Manning been married?

3 times

How many years has Peyton Manning been captain?

8 years

How many sports illustrated magazines has Peyton Manning been on?


How many times has Peyton Manning been to the superbowl?

2 times

Which University of Tennessee quarterbacks have been successful in the NFL?

Peyton Manning

How many years have Peyton Manning been playing?

12 years

Does Peyton Manning live a swinger lifestyle?

No. Peyton Manning does not live a swinger life. He has been married to his wife Ashley Thompson since 2001 and the couple have twins together: a boy named Marshall Williams Manning and a girl named Mosley Thompson Manning.

What did the C with 4 stars mean on Peyton Manning's jersey?

The C with the 4 stars on Peyton Manning's Jersey means that he is the team captain. The stars represent how long he has been captain.

How many times was Peyton selected into the pro bowl?

Peyton Manning has been selected into pro bowl 10 times.

Was there every been two brothers played in a Super Bowl on different teams?

yes peyton manning and eli manning

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