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The 1948 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XIV Olympiad

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2011-09-28 16:57:27
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Q: Was London the host city for the Olympics in the past?
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Where was the Olympics held this past summer?

The 2012 Summer Olympics was hosted in London, England.

What massive efforts were made in London during the past four years as the United Kingdom prepared to host the 2012 summer Olympics?

only god knows..

Why has Africa not been considered in the past to host the summer Olympics?

because they are already tan and so the white should host the summer Olympics so they will be tan

How many Olympics have there been over the past years?

the London Olympics 2012 was the 30th modern olympiad .

Michael Phelps come out Olympics?

His Last Olympics will be London 2012, because he didnt want to countinue past the age of 30

Which country's team always marches last in the March Past at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?

host country

Which country's team always marches last in the march past at the olympic ceremoney of the Olympics?

The host country.

Where did the past us states host the winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics have been held in the US four times: Lake Placid, New York (1932 & 1980); Squaw Valley, California (1960); Salt Lake City, Utah (2002).

When will the Olympics be held in Australia?

In the past, they have been held in Sydney. After 2008 Beijing Olympics, next venue is London. Its still not known when Australia will get another chance of hosting olympics.

Who lost the London 2012 Olympics?

Many countries had athletes that did not get past the qualification rounds to compete for the medals

How many times has the Olympics been held at London?

London has hosted the Olympic games on two past occasions in 1908 and 1948, with the third scheduled for 2012

What are the dates of the past London Olympics?

The Olympic Games have previously been held in 1908 and 1948. They will next be held there in 2012.

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