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Jackie Robinson was married to Rachel Isum and the two of them had three children.

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Q: Was Jackie Robinson married before he died?
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How long was Jackie Robinson married?

Jackie Robinson was married to his wife Rachel from 1946 to 1972 when Jackie died at the age of 53. Rachel still attends many baseball functions.

Did Jackie Rachel Robinson have children?

Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson had three children. Their names were Jackie, Jr., who died before Jackie in 1971, Sharon and David.

Does Jackie Robinson have parents?

jackie robinson died and his parents died

How did Jackie Robinson died?

Jackie Robinson died from diabetes

What did Jackie Robinson do before he died?

He played Major League Baseball.

What are 5 questions for the biography of Jackie Robinson?

1. when was jackie robinson born ? / the answer is: January 31, 19192. when did jackie robinson died ? / the answer is: October 24, 19723. when did jackie robinson got married ? / the answer is : February 10, 1946,4. when did jackie robinson have kids ? / the answer is :Jackie Robinson Jr, born on November 18, 1946, Sharon Robinson born on January 13, 19505. was jackie robinson african american ? / the answer is : yes

Is Jackie Robinson dead or living?

Jackie Robinson died when his daughter was 22

What year did Jackie Robinson Jr. die?

Jackie Robinson Jr. died in 1971.

What are Jackie Robinson's kid's name?

Jackie Robinson had 3 children:Jackie Robinson Jr. (born November 18, 1946, died 1971, the year before Jackie)Sharon Robinson (born January 13, 1950)David Robinson (born May 14, 1952)

How was Jackie Robinson killed?

Jackie Robinson was not killed. Jackie Robinson died of heart problems and complications from diabetes on October 24, 1972. He was also almost completely blind when he died.

Which month did Jackie Robinson die?

Jackie Robinson died on Tuesday, October 24, 1972.

Were do Jackie Robinson live?

Jackie Robinson died at his home in Stamford, Connecticut in October of 1972.

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