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He was among the favorites, but no one was more favored than Javier Sotomayor, reigning Olympic Champion and World Record holder.

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Q: Was Charles Austin favored to win gold at the 1996 Olympic games?
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When did Charles Austin beat the high jump olympic games record?


Who holds the current record for olympic mens high jump?

Charles Austin- 2.39 at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games.

Who won the high jump competition at the 1996 Olympic Games?

Men: Charles Austin, United StatesWomen: Stefka Kostadinova, Bulgaria

How high did Charles Austin jump at the 1996 atlanta Olympics?

Charles Austin won gold in high jump at the 1996 Games in Atlanta with a jump of 2.39 meters (7 feet, 10 1/10 inches). It stands today as an Olympic record.

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I think all 3 Americans, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, and Gretchen Bleiler were favored over her but Bright got the gold in Vancouver.

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There were no Olympic games in 1993. There were summer Olympic games in 1992 and 1996. There were winter Olympic games in 1992 and 1994.

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it was definAtely nottt team USA. theyre always favored to win but this year's games they faced an upset and lost to JAPAN!

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There were no Olympic Games in 1978

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