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Value of a Basketball card depends on the player, type and rarity. Current market value can be looked up on ebay's completed sales. Most common cards are probably worth very little.

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Q: Value of 2007-08 topps luxury box basketball cards?
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What is the value of most basketball cards?

It matters who they are of and how old they are.

What is my basketball card's value?

It depends what kind of cards you have stupid

Where do you find basketball cards and their value?

go to and subscribe for a subscription of their magazine for a year. This is how you find basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, tennis, football, hockey, and nascar cards their value.

What is the value of topps 1992-1993 nba basketball cards?


How do you find the value of your basketball cards?

u look it up online

What is the value of a 1993-1994 Michael Jordan 3 peat basketball card?

the cards now value is about 900,000 dollars

What is the value of Michael Jordan basketball cards?

Depends on the card and the condition. A good place to start looking to find a value is eBay.

What is the value of 1985-1997 gold holographic Michael Jordan basketball cards?

close to 90 dollars

What basketball cards can you buy before Christmas?

you can buy any basketball cards before christmas.

Value of basketball cards?

Depends on which cards you're selling. If you had a Michael Jordan rookie, then lots. If you have maybe, a Jordan Farmar card, then you won't have much luck.

Allen Iverson upper deck Basketball cards value?

1997 upper deck crunch time 9secs

What is the value of the 1992 skybox dream team basketball cards?

You can buy an unopened box on ebay for as little as $29.

How many cards in a pack of fleer basketball cards?

Exactly around 10-20 depending what fleer basketball cards you are talking about

Does Walmart have basketball cards?


What is the value of a Tom Chambers star basketball card?

Other than his rookie card, Chambers cards are not worth much.

What is the value of a 1994 Skybox basketball card?

Many of the basketball cards are worth prices close to $1 each. The exact price will depend upon the actual card and its condition.

Where can you get basketball cards in Singapore?

the shop!

What is the value of a 1992 Larry Bird basketball card?

Many of the basketball cards are worth around $1 to $2 each. The exact price will vary depending on the condition of the card and how it is displayed.

What is value of Michael Jordan basketball card?

i have 2 halograhm basket ball cards of Micheal Jordan 1991 upper deck

What is the value of Mort and Mindy cards?

the value is nothing there not baseball cards.

Who invented basketball cards?

Probably a mexican

A boy bought 26 packs of basketball cards each pack contains 8 cards of basketball players what is the total number cards Eddie added to his collection?


What if you had 80 baseball and half as many basketball as football cards and 20 more hockey cards than basketball cards and half as many football cards as baseball how many hockey cards would i have?

You start backwards, you know you have 80 baseball so that makes 40 football. 20 basketball, and 40 hockey.

When did basketball cards come out?

There were basketball cards produced as part of multisport sets in 1910 and 1911; the first set was from Egyptiene Cigarettes and the second was from Murad Cigarettes. These were known as tobacco cards. Basketball cards were not seen again until 1932 as part of the Briggs Chocolate card set.

What are basketball heroes cards worth?

Talking about basketball heroes in the trading card world, Michael Jordan basketball card is considered amongst the most valuable cards. Owning one of his autographed memorabilia may be worth a fortune in the coming years. Apart from Michael Jordan, you can also seek basketball cards of legendary players like Lew Alcindor and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. For the basketball card value and current pricing trend, you can visit and subscribe to the Online Price Guide. Also, you can refer to sport magazines.