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75 percent if wide open is great.

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Q: Unguarded you can shoot 75 percent of three point shots Is that good?
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How many shots can a 20oz tank shoot?

09 oz can shoot around 500-700 shots 12 oz can shoot around 700-900 shots 16 oz can shoot around 900-1100 shots 20 oz can shoot around 1100-1300 shots 24 oz can shoot around 1300-1500 shots

What did Wayne Gretsky mean when he said 100 percent of the shots you don't take don't go in?

you have to shoot to score!

Who is the 2nd player to shoot the most 3 point shots in the nba?

Ray Allen with 2,999

When A soldier shooting at a target hits it 40 percent of the time how many times must he shoot in order to register 100 hits?

250 shots

What are the three basic type of shots in handball?

jump shoot, bounce shoot and overhead shoot :)

How much shots can one shoot from the end of the basketball court in basketball?

About Two Shots

Where can you get shoot the bullet?

shots? because you can get shots at a gun shop or walmart and some convenience stores

You and your friend are playing basketballyou only make three point basketswhile your friend only makes two point baskets what six different ways can me and my friend be tied?

2 3 point shots and 3 2 point shots 4 3 point shots and 6 2 point shots 8 3 point shots and 12 2 point shots just double the shots each time

What are 5 point shots in NBA?

The NBA does not have 5 point shots.

What is fg percent in NBA?

Field Goal Percent (shots made/shots taken x 100).

How many shots did rebecca lobo shoot?


If a basketball player hits three point shots 45 percent of the time what is the chances if she takes four shots during a game that she misses the first shot and hits the last three?