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Balotelli in England. Pirlo in Italian.

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Q: Which players have played in England Italy and Australia?
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Which players have played in Scotland England Spain and Italy?

Michael Tia

Players have played in Scotland England Spain and Italy?

jorge cadette vladimer weiss joachim bjorkland

Which players have played in England Spain Italy and Germany?

Henry Barcelona, Arsenal and juventus, Dider deschamps Valencia, France

Who has played in England Germany France Spain and Italy?

Zlatan ibrahimovic has played in Netherlands, France Spain and Italy and Robben has played in England, Germany, Spain and Italy.

What are the capitals of Italy England and australia?

Rome, London, Canberra.

Which players have won league medals in England Italy and Spain?

my grand daddy

Name players who have played for Glasgow rangers and Italy?


How many times has England played Italy?


Which players have played in England Spain and Italy?

Thierry Henry (France): Arsenal (England); and Barcelona (Spain); Juventus (Italy) Didier Deschamps (France): Chelsea (England); Valencia (Spain); Juventus (Italy) Laurent Blanc (France): Manchester United (England); Barcelona (Spain); Internazionale (Italy) David Beckham (England): Manchester United (England); Real Madrid (Spain); AC Milan (Italy) Christian Pannuci (Italy): Chelsea (England); Real Madrid (Spain); AS Roma (Italy) Edgar Davids (The Netherlands): Tottenham Hotspurs (England); Barcelona (Spain); Juventus (Italy) Winston Bogarde (The Netherlands): Chelsea (England); Barcelona (Spain); AC Milan (Italy) Patrick Kluivert (The Netherlands): Newcastle United (England); Barcelona and Valencia (Spain); AC Milan (Italy) John Aloisi (Australia): Conventry City and Portsmouth (England); Osasuna and Deportivo La Coruna (Spain); Cremonese (Italy) John Carew (Norway): Aston Villa (England); Valencia (Spain); AS Roma (Italy) Abel Xavier (Portugal): Everton, Liverpool and Middlebrough (England); Real Oviedo (Spain); Bari and Roma (Italy) Florin Radiciou (Romania) : West Ham United (England); Espanyol (Spain); Bari, Verona, Brescia, AC Milan (Italy)

Which current player has played in England Scotland and Italy?

Robbie Keane.

What is the distance from Australia to Italy?

What is the distance from Australia to Italy

What players played for two of the premiership big 4 team and in Italy?

Mikeal Sivestre.

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