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It was Undertaker vs Imposter Undertaker.

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Q: There was a match undertaker vs undertaker why does every one say that there is only one?
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Who will win in WrestleMania Triple H or undertaker?

after wrestlemania, undertaker did win but it was a brutal match and a close one

Who has won the most buried alive matches?

There Has Only Been 4 in History... And Every BA Match the Opponent Has Been Different... The UNDERTAKER Has Lost All but One of Them... The One Being Rock N' Sock Connection Vs. Big Show and Undertaker on the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown.

Are undertaker and Kane half brothers?

Of course not its just the gimmick untertakers real brother was the one who faced him in the undertaker vs undertaker match

Has chris Jericho and the undertaker ever had a match one on one?

no, I think they've only been in tag team and stuff like fatal 4 way

Is the first undertaker fighting in 2010?

There is only one Undertaker, and that is Mark Calaway, he is the only one that has wrestled as the Undertaker, Brandon Lee did it for a storyline at the beginning, but Mark is the only one that has done it.

Who beat up the undertaker?

No one he got injured in his match with Rey mysterio

Who put the undertaker in a vegetative state?

Undertaker is currently out due to injury in real life. On the Smackdown prior to Memorial Day, Undertaker had a match with Rey Mysterio where Mysterio broke Undertaker's nose and face bones in multiple places with a sloppy landing. Recently on his time off, he got married to fiance WWE Diva Michelle McCool. In storyline, WWE has speculated that someone has attacked the Undertaker and put him in a vegetative state making Kane, Undertaker's storylined brother, start looking for revenge stalking and attacking the likes of CM Punk & SES, Big Show, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio. Rumor has it that Undertaker will make some sort of surprise appearance at this summer's Summerslam in someway either during or after Mysterio's Heavyweight Championship match against the current World Champ Kane. But of course that is not confirmed.

Does WWE undertaker have fill ins?

No, he doesn't. There is only one Undertaker.

Edge forced undertaker to leave WWE will undertaker return back to WWE?

Although The Phenom Undertaker was 'banished' from the WWE after Edge beat him in a TLC match at One Night Stand, he will return to the WWE. July 18, 2008 Yes, he will be return possibly at Summer Slam, he was just taking some time off like he does every year at this time. Undertaker will return at Summerslam and battle edge in a hell in a cell match

Is nowadays undertaker is dublicate of real undertaker?

No that is the real undertaker.There was a fake undertaker.But technically there is only one undertakerJan 2010 Mark Calaway is the one and only Undertaker, there was a fake one for a storyline which was played by Brandon Lee. But Mark is the only one that has actually been the undertaker

Will The Undertaker be returning to the WWE after the may 31st 2008 TLC match at One Night Stand with Edge where he was forced to leave WWE after losing?

the The Undertaker is back and is still on smackdown he hade a cascet match on hollowen