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Although The Phenom Undertaker was 'banished' from the WWE after Edge beat him in a TLC match at One Night Stand, he will return to the WWE. July 18, 2008 Yes, he will be return possibly at Summer Slam, he was just taking some time off like he does every year at this time. Undertaker will return at Summerslam and battle edge in a hell in a cell match

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Q: Edge forced undertaker to leave WWE will undertaker return back to WWE?
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Will edge return after being sent to hell by the undertaker?


Will The Undertaker be returning to the WWE after the may 31st 2008 TLC match at One Night Stand with Edge where he was forced to leave WWE after losing?

the The Undertaker is back and is still on smackdown he hade a cascet match on hollowen

Will the undertaker return to WWE 2008?

Yes and he defeated Edge at SummerSlam

When is Undertaker back on TV?

He Is Supposed To Return At Vickie And Edge's Wedding I hope so

Will Undertaker be returning to the WWE after the May 31st 2008 TLC Match at One Night Stand With Edge where he was forced to leave WWE After losing - I have heard he is taking a break - True?

yes he was taking a break

Since the undertaker lost edge at one night stand when will he return?

yea at edges wedding

What possible returns could there be in WWE in 2011?

edge will return , kane will return , undertaker will be coming back , triple h will return and rey also.

Who is stronger undertaker or edge?

The Undertaker is way strong than Edge!

Did edge kill undertaker?

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Will edge return to WWE after his match with undertaker at 2008 Summerslam?

I dont think so i havent seen him for a while

Will undertaker return at edge and vickies wedding?

Its Supposed To Happen But He May Return At The Draft Eithier One Thing Is Certain He Will Return Probably Teddy Long can hire him back

How did The Undertaker defeat Edge at WrestleMania 24?

He used a triangle choke hold where he put his legs around his neck and forced his arm to be straight.