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Nicholas Anelka

Michael Owen

Mark Hughes

Emmanuel Petit

Lassana Diara

Bouudewijn Zenden

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Q: There are 6 players past or present that have played for real Madrid or Barcelona and also played for 2 of the top 4 sides in England ie Manchester united Liverpool Chelsea or arsenal?
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Which team has the highest fans in England?

Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal

How many clubs plays the fa cup in England?

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool etc

What are the most famous soccer clubs in England?

Liverpool Chelsea cf Manchester united and arsenal

Name 7 players that have played for 2 top 4 teams in England and played in Spain?

Michael Owen (Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid) Emmanuel Petit (Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona) Lassina Diarra (Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid) Mark Hughes (Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona) Boudewijn Zenden (Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona) Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid) Jermaine Pennant (Liverpool, Arsenal, Zaragoza)

England soccer teams?

4 top teams are the Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal Gunners, Chelsea Dam.

Top 4 soccer teams in England?

1) Chelsea 2) Manchester United 3) Arsenal 4) Manchester City 5) Liverpool

How many teams have won the premiership in England?

There are 5 teams Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea., Blackburn Rovers.

What are three famous football clubs in england?

Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool. To name a few more, there are also Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, and Chelsea.

Are Liverpool and Manchester in the east of England?

No, they are in the northwest of England.

Top 10 soccer clubs with the most fans?

Manchester United( England) Chelsea( England) Liverpool( England) Real Madrid (Spain) Barcelona( Spain) Bayern Munich( Germany) Valencia( Spain) Arsenal( England) FC Porto (Portugal) Virralell(probably spelled wrong) (Spain)

What region of England are Liverpool and Manchester located?

In the north of England.

Where is Liverpool and Manchester Railway located?

Liverpool and Manchester Railway is located in North West England in the UK. As the name implies, it runs through the towns of Liverpool and Manchester.

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