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David Beckham, Steve McCann on , Michael Owen, Jonathan Woodgate and Cunningham played for Real Madrid.

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Q: How many players played for the top four English clubs and Barcelona or real Madrid?
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Six players who have played for either Barcelona or real Madrid and two of the English big four?

jiye khaleel quereshi of golimar. he played for both Madrid and Chelsea

How many Irish players played for Barcelona and Real Madrid?


How many british players have played for real Madrid and Barcelona?


What english players have played for Barcelona?

ferenc puskas, michael owen, steve macmanaman, david beckham, alfredo di stefano Puskas and di Stefano are not even English! And all of the above played for Real Madrid - NOT BARCELONA! The only player I can think of at the moment is Gary Lineker, who played for Barcelona in the 1980s under Terry Venables.

Which players have played for two of the top four premiership teams and either real Madrid or Barcelona?


Which players have played in the English leagues and for Real Madrid?


Which 6 players have played for Barcelona or Real Madrid and have played for 2 of Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal and Man Utd?

Jermaine Beckford

English players have played for Real Madrid?

The following three English footballers played for Real Madrid, they are Michel Owen, David Beckham and Steve McCmnanon.

Players that have played with the big four and either Barcelona or real Madrid?

Anelka, Owen , Diarra, Zenden, Hughes, Petit

How many English players have played for Barcelona?

Two: Mark Hughes and Gary Linekar.

How many matches played between real Madrid and Barcelona?

228 matches were played between them out of which real Madrid won 92 and Barcelona 88.

Who are the English players who played for Real Madrid?

These following players joined Real Madrid from the E.P.L. Jonathan Wood gate, Michael Owen,David Beckham and Cunningham.