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Q: How many Irish players played for Barcelona and Real Madrid?
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What Irish men played for real Madrid?

So far there have been no Irish players to wear the white of Real Madrid.

Irish players who've played in champions league?

Robbie Keane

How many players have played in the premiership and the Irish league?

roy odonavvan Kevin Doyle

When was Irish Rugby Union Players Association created?

Irish Rugby Union Players Association was created in 2001.

How many Irish players in English football?

approximately 93 billion 238 thousand and 78 Irish players are there in English Football

Why are London Irish rugby team called Irish?

The team originally consisted of Irish players living in London

Name all black Irish soccer players?

believe it or not but coventry city have TWO black Irish players, Clinton Morrison and Leon Best

Irish players to play for Manchester united?

How many irishmen have played for Manchester united? Over 60 Irishmen form North and South have played for Manchester United and Newton Heath

Have any football players played for Manchester united and the Irish national side?

john o shay,johney evans and i dont know who else

A list of Irish players abroad?

there's stats and details of Irish footballers playing in Scotland and England here: