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Q: The winner of the 2009 World Series?
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What does the World Series winner get?

The 2009 World Series Winning player's share was $365,052.73, and the losing player's share was $265,357.50

Can two AL teams play in the World Series?

No. World Series is the winner of the ALCS vs winner of the NLCS.

Popular TV shows in 2009?

The winner of the 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series was "30 Rock".The winner of the 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series was "Mad Men".The winner of the 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Series was "The Daily Show".

The winner of The world Series in 1994?

There was no World Series in 1994 due to a Players Strike.

Who will in 2009 World Series?

The Yankees will win 2009 World Series

Who is the winner of the world series in 2006?

The St. Louis Cardinals won the world series in 2006.

What awards did Derek Jeter win in his career?

5 time World Series champion (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009)5 time Gold Glove Award winner (2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010)4 time Silver Slugger Award winner (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)2 time AL Hank Aaron Award winner (2006, 2009)1996 AL Rookie of the Year Award2000 World Series MVP Award winner2000 All-Star Game Award winner2000 Babe Ruth Award winner2009 Roberto Clemente Award winner11 time All-Star selection

Who wins in the World Series baseball?

The American League pennant winner, plays the National League pennant winner, in a 7 game series. The team to win 4 games first wins the World Series.

Winner of 1997 World Series?

The Florida Marlins beat the Cleveland Indians in the 1997 World Series.

MVP of 1903 World Series?

Unfortunately, there was no MVP winner in the 1903 World Series. The World Series MVP award was not established until 1955.

Who performed with Alicia Keys at game 2 of the 2009 World Series?

It was another multi-Grammy winner, Jay-Z. They performed "Empire State of Mind."

Who is the winner of U19 cricket world cup 2009?

india won the world cup 2009

Who was the starting pitcher for the San Francisco giants in last nights world series game 5 he also got the win for game 1 of the world series?

Tim Lincecum, the National League's Cy Young Award winner in 2008 and 2009.

World Series game 7 singer - 2009?

The 2009 World Series was a 6-game series. No game 7.

Winner of the 2008 World Series?

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2008 World Series.

The winner of the World Series in 1989?

The Oakland Athletics beat the San Fansisco Giants in the 1989 World Series.

What sport is called the World Series?

The " World Series" itself is not a sport. It is the championship 7 game series played between two major league baseball teams each year in october. The winner of the American League and the winner of the National League play in a "best-of-seven" series hence the name "World Series"

Which country did Miss World 2009 represent?

Gibraltar. The winner of Miss World 2009 was Kaiane Aldorino.

What World Series title does the New York Yankees Derek Jeter hold?

In addition to being on the World Champion Yankees in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009, Derek Jeter was also the 2000 World Series MVP and the 2000 Babe Ruth Award winner.

Who was the Yankees MVP of the 2009 World Series?

Hideki Matsui won the 2009 World Series MVP

2009 World Series?

The New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2009 World Series.

Who is the second highest winner of the World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinal have the second most World Series titles with 10.

Who is the winner of the 2010 world series?

san francisco giants

Who is the world series winner in 2018?

Unfortunately probably the Yankees

Who are the 2009 World Series champions?

New York Yankees 2009 World Series ChampsThe New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2009 World Series